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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kuli Roberts turns me off – why can’t you Tweet back to you fanatics?

We don’t choose family – that’s why I understand why Nomakula Roberts is Hlubi Mboya’s sister. You gotta love the way Hlubi is so reserved while her older sister you can conclude she’s a 16 year old with kids, then one begins to wonder what do they take out of their Mommy-yummy?  Kuli has been just too much in whatever she does – whether positive or negative.

I must admit I was her number one fan – because of the claim (Only she knows) she studied journalism so I saw a mentor. This woman is very careless in the way she uses language – taking you back to the disgusting column she wrote about Coloured(s). And she had to regret it with an apology. Why write something if you are going to end  up saying sorry? That was her opinion and she could have stood up high to back it up. But I adore the way she speaks her mind to the best of her ability.

Where she’s annoying me the most is on Twitter, she does not even have time to reply to her fans and all she does is to Tweet other celebrities like a groupie, hello! Not to be disrespectful or anything but I lose my sense of being a fan once a celebrity starts to be D-headed. Or maybe we should also consider the number of followers she has? That might also be a problem she does not have time to reply. I also tend to remember last year at the ZAR Fest you were so sloshed and Kenny Kunene had to ask you to leave? That was uncalled for - at least as public icons behavior should be our main priority.

So please treat your fans like the guys at the Petrol station where you had to leave your Adidas sneakers behind because you did not have petrol moola, be nice and Tweet us back.

I would agree when Mduduzi said you can’t write because if you recall you blocked us for correcting your grammatically wrong Tweet. Stick to presenting I would suggest because it is what you master.  As for the tweets that you slept with some bosses at the Sunday World, Oops! That’s Mduduzi’s own version of events, I would not comment on it but these made me wonder why you never hit back as usual? Were you scared he might dig more? Or maybe you grew up from the Kuli (Best) we know? Surely everyone would love to know…

So long please follow us on Twitter, we would love to see you following us again and not taking things personally.

Anyway I do not intend to dwell much – I might appear like a daft running to be a foolish fool…

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By Ntathe Mgozi

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