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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Frankly speaking: Bonang, Euphonik sharpen knives for court

Accusations and counter accusations are flying between Bonang and her ex-boyfriend DJ Euphonik ahead of their 24 July court appearance. Bonang pressed charges in May against her ex-man Euphonik alleging he assaulted her and destroyed her phone and laptop. Sunday tabloids allege Euphonik broke into Bonang’s house in Hyde Park where he allegedly gave her a hiding.

The matter has since escalated and the popular 5FM DJ – Euphonik – real name Themba Nkosi, has had his first day in court.

The tabloids have alleged that Euphonik beat up Bonang after the pair had a lover’s tiff and upon her departing his place, she refused to close the gate, allegedly prompting Euphonik to reach the end of his tether.

Fast forward to July 13, Bonang and Euphonik are sharpening their knives for a major court showdown. Euphonik will be appearing again at the Randburg Magistrate Court on 24 July where he will be answering charges of domestic violence or assault charges, whichever term makes you happy.

On Friday 13 July, popular tabloid magazines heat and Drum ran the same cover story giving interesting details about the showdown between the two media personalities. Bonang, who presents the popular music show Live on SABC1 on Friday nights, is most arguably a model media darling that South Africa has ever seen. Just a side note, we appreciate the magazines being distributed on Fridays so boring Sunday tabloids can now pull up their socks.

Abortion allegations have been levelled against Bonang by sources known to Drum. The magazine claims it has in its possession “proof” that a lady fitting Bonang’s description in every way possible, had an abortion at a private Rosebank hospital “on 28 March” [2011], the same month she posed in sexy lingerie for the popular FHM magazine, (19 July 2012, Drum, page 10 and 11).

However, Bonang’s publicist has dismissed the allegations as very convenient and a smear campaign against Bonang in light of her alleged assault. Drum tried to get Bonang to state her side of the story on this abortion saga. “None of these allegations you are enquiring about are correct,” her manager told Drum.

Bonang reportedly has pictures of her bruises and is set to present them as evidence in a court of law.
In her court papers due to be presented in court on 24 July, is a text message Euphonik allegedly sent to Bonang. “I’m sorry when this thing escalates from a personal matter to a brand matter being on your side is not in my interests you and your family have made this a war and if and when it taints my brand I'm not going to stop until the truth gets out so maybe hire a hit man to take me out because it’s going to get real.” Reads the text as seen in Drum on 19 July.

Heat magazine claims Bonang has a lot of eyewitnesses to the alleged assault who are due to testify in court.

Euphonik however, claims the allegations against him by his ex-girlfriend are not true. Says heat magazine: “So far, we’ve seen no concrete proof from him [Euphonik] or his legal team that Bonang’s claims are false, but that has not stopped the 5FM DJ [from] putting up a fight. Euphonik is adamant that Bonang is a ‘psycho who needs help’, and reportedly claims that she cut her wrists in order to get his attention.” Heat, 19 July, page 7.

Euphonik’s manager, who is none other than the queen of gossip herself as she is former editor-in-chief of heat, Melinda Shaw, who is now Euphonik’s manager, insists her client is innocent and told heat magazine exactly where to get off. “He is sticking to his story – he is innocent. The rest of these claims are speculation. He will defend himself through the right forum, and that is the legal justice system,” she told heat.

This is a most interesting issue to have come out of the South African entertainment industry in recent years. If, and only if, it turns out to be true that Euphonik did indeed assault Bonang as per the allegations, it will be very regrettable.

Having said that, the matter is very interesting as this can form part of a major dissertation as to how the whole issue is being handled in the media. It ties in neatly with my dissertation topic titled: One step forward, ten steps backwards, ethical issues surrounding celebrity news reporting in South African print media.

If, and only if, Euphonik gets acquitted and if his psychotic claims against Bonang have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that she is indeed psychotic, this will bring a whole new paradigm in the administration of justice in South Africa as most people can tell, the law tends to be sided towards the female side.

In all of these accusations and counter-accusations, we as the prying and gossiping ordinary people are looking for the truth and hope justice will be done.

If, and only if, Euphonik is found guilty, I shall repeat myself. Real men beat HIV and Aids, not women. Women abuse has got no place in our society and as such cannot be tolerated.

In my humble opinion, Euphonik and Bonang never made a good couple as he looked just like any other guy. Perhaps after the law has run its course, Bonang and I should be together, and I insist I am referring to the law of attraction.

In his defence: Allegations are not true' - Euphonik


Article was original published on TVSA and we got permission from the writer Makisto - Follow him on Twitter here Makisto

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