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Monday, July 16, 2012

Imagine if the Survey conduct on Nigerian women being the most cheating in the world could be conducted on homos?

Naija247News has reported according to a survey conducted by Condom manufacturer, Durex, that Thailand men are the most unfaithful in the world, with 54% of them admitting to cheating their spouses. When it comes to the most unfaithful women in the world Nigerian women topped the survey, in which 29, 000 people in 36 countries were interviewed.

They also reported that South Korea came in second place with 34 percent, while Malaysia ranked number three with 33 percent.

As per reports, the survey revealed that the top two countries with cheating women are Nigeria, with 62 percent, and Thailand, 59 percent. So in the above case one wonders if we could also label Nigerian men in the same level or what? I am skeptical about the rate of sexually transmitted diseases etc.

It was also reported that 39% of Malaysian women also confessed to having betrayed their partners. And Russian women came fourth at 33% while Singaporeans are fifth standing at 19 percent.

Ascology also reported that an independent survey also conducted in Africa by AE affirms the fact that Nigeria with a population of over 160 million tops the chart for cheating women. Corruption and a general distrust amongst citizens is largely responsible for this.

I think it would be better if a similar study could be conducted here in South Africa, at the same time I think about the lies that will come out of the people of the state who always act faithfully in their relationships. It should not only be conducted on both women and men including the gay and lesbian communities. A friend of mine once told me, "Men are born hunters that's why they cheat a lot..."

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Sources: Naija247News & Ascology

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