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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Minister Mbalula must be going nuts – Beyonce for R17 Million?

Johannesburg – Sports and Recreation Minister Fikile Mbalula has been alleged in arrangements of paying United States singer Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter R17 Million, this is for her performance at the South African Sports Awards.

I still fail to comprehend why would Mbalula disregard our local artists over Beyonce? While they could utilize the money for something else – I mean even the biggest artist(s) in SA cannot cost that bloody ridiculous amount of money. Why Mbalula? Imagine a local artist(s) charging that much, they will simply be told to go to hell – so hell with R17 Million artists.

According to reports “Razzmatazz”  announced this during an interview on local radio station, Kaya Frequency Modulation. Even if he announced it on his sleep, I don’t really care, should this be true, well, the minister is going nuts or loosing touch with the reality of our artists. 

Sport is Art – what can we then do with a ‘Minister’ who does not honor and respect local art? This is unfair to local creativity players. I personally think as this is not an international but local event, local acts should be the main priority because they need development as much as Beyonce is developed.

According to reports in his history, you might argue that the Minister is kind of obsessed with international stars. When the sports awards were held for the first time last year, it is reported that film and music stars such as Brandy Norwood, Vivica Fox and Regina King attended the spectacular event.

Honestly this is pure bull! We cannot have any artist whether Beyonce or not to headline the event for R17 Million, not in a country like South Africa. I don’t pretty much care whether the money is coming from sponsors or not, because the same sponsors see how things are experienced here at home and what needs to be put money into.

After all, does our government care about local musicians? Do they show support in Arts of all sorts? How do we then develop local talent if the answers to the above questions is not? We need sports ministers who value and respect creativity or rather say local talent. The rest of that money after booking local artists can be spent on developing the forever loosing local national team – though they at least showed a win.

If this happens, it might as well be a call for all South Africans to embargo the event or not spend their money in purchasing tickets. Now Zwelinzima Vavi we need your skills in organizing a strike!

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