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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

South Africa: The New Afroteens Siyazazisa – We introduce ourselves

They are so juvenile, self-motivated and talented I guess they never misplaced their childhood creativity. They are the Afroteens; intermix of afro pop and afro jazz band from the Nelson Mandela Bay, Eastern Cape.  According to their side view their outstanding musical ability belies the average age of the band, which is now 18 years. The band was founded by Themba Jack who’s now a leader and a guitarist within the knot.

The band released their debut album (cd) titled Siyazazisa, (We introduce ourselves) in April 2010. In their project they worked with the SAMA winning producer, Lawrence Matshiza. Two tracks on their debut album featured the legendary of jazz Hugh Masekela and United States R&B musician Puff Johnson. With the aforesaid who can dispute their musical capability? Their cd “Siyazazisa” was distributed by EMI and it’s available at Look & Listen and

There’s a lot to expect from this bad, in a communication with their manager Karen Jack she said, “We are planning a local township tour, every Saturday the New Afroteens will play in a different township, outdoors, FREE,” continued Jack, “It will be fun”. The tours will kick start from Walmer to Soweto-in-Sea to Missionvale, KwaNobuhle in Uitenhage and many more. She further confirmed that Port Elizabeth Tourism has agreed to come on board and other potential sponsors are approaching them.

This wonderful band of versatilities has been invited to perform at the Afrikadey Festival in Calgary, Canada and the event will take place in August. “Since it’s a one (1) day, one stage festival, the band members feel pretty honoured,” said their manager. For more information about the festival you may visit  

For more information about the band itself, well, you may go to their website Here you will get the hearty possibility to see the gigs they have performed as well as some videos. Their official music videos are “Ndiyintombi” and “Siyazazisa.”

As for next month stay tuned on SABC 3’s Isidingo (The Need) because the band is going to make an appearance on the 14th Tuesday, February. It’s a new year and Afroteens are here to break new grounds in the South African music scene, so let’s all support local music…

Click here to watch their video profile

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