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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Khanyi Mbau’s pictures are out: When did Anele Mda learn to Lecture morals?

If I am not politically correct, well, I am entertainment correct…

It’s been weeks following the nude photographs that Mbau claims were leaked and people went out to roast her thinking that they are picture perfect, well, just so you know I am not saying what she did was wide of the mark nor spot on; but one must know that there are children out there who have accepted their parents as porn stars so if Mbau is in a proposition to take this as a career then we might as well look up to her pronouncement.

Whether her nude pictures were leaked or not Anele Mda is not to be the expert. Not so long years ago she was accused of passing racial comments, who then judged her? When did she start to comprehend the hypothesis of morals?  What does Mda know about morals? I really fail to twig this woman. Sometime last year if not the other year she blocked me on Facebook telling me that I need a “divine prayer intervention” after I questioned the manner in which she kept on criticising the African National Congress. Is there any so-called leader who cannot take questions from the public?

I would suggest that Mda seeks other ways to get publicity not through the likes of Mbau. Remember not so long ago September 2009 she reportedly called Cope’s deputy general secretary Deidre Carter a “Stupid, token white bitch”. So when did she learn morals if I may ask? No she must know where to get off and not act as if she’s flawless here.

Remember in November 2008 Cope had to apologies after she reportedly called President Jacob Zuma “a rapist”, even though he was acquitted of rape in 2006. Is Anele Mda a God of this country?  In the run-up to the general elections she reportedly said, that if the ANC was re-elected into government under Zuma, “rape would no longer be a criminal offence”. I am of the opinion that Mda does not know her place political wise and she might as well be categorise under the same criterion as many hungry political vultures.

So my question is how can Mda all of a sudden become the lecture of “Ethics”? She might as well be a disgrace just like Mbau’s nude pictures, how can you so easily forget my dear? As the saying goes, “People will forget what you said but they will never forget what you did”. Well that saying does not sit well with me at all, I follow the very opposite of it.

So whether her nude pictures were leaked or not, it is not your place to teach her about morality and I am of course sure that her parents can or did try to fulfil that role. I am also surprised by the fact that you think entertainment industry is politics, no dear better stick at what you’re “good” at if well, you are good in politics than passing racial comments in a country that strives to follow and inculcate democratic rights among her citizens.

The next thing she will release an album titled “ANC has no vision…” as she said the same thing about can’t Cope without ANC. You seriously need to re-visit your strategy of handling public issues before you mumble about Mbau’s moral state. You’re not God here, so don’t judge people unless wena yourself you’re perfect.

Story by Buchule Raba (Socialist) / leave your comments for me below the comment box or send them via email to editor@goxtranews.comClick here to follow me on twitter or add me on Facebook here

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