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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Album Review: The Exceptional Madoda-Mzizi Available in Stores

“I’m struggling for the reason that this artist is too good…” Laughed a friend of mine!

Jwang kapa Jwang! Can I freely articulate that South Africa is becoming a hot-spot for Afro Pop music? Of course that’s a question you can assist me answer only if you listen to good and latest albums of the sort. Honestly there are a lot of good projects out there doing a good service and greater things for both music and South Africa. In spite of this, every now and then something if unique comes along that really does catch my eye and listening skills. In this point in time, it’s Madoda-Mzizi with his uniting music while on the other side raising awareness on how women should be protected.

The ambitious, multiphase and powerful sixteen (16) track album is a sure thing to look-out for this year for the reason that it will leverage the power of Afro Pop and performance to make people excited, get people to appreciate and talk about Mzantsi music.  It brings back a genre of music that “some” see as slowly fading out of the country and as far as his record label is concerned the project is doing well.

The talented Madoda or rather songbird, who is a Thandase Music signed artist, is now to be known for electric sounds comprising the elements of Afro-pop, R&B, Jazz, Reggae and Gospel. So in his album he tried to make a “fusion” of the above musical genres and yes he did that fantastically well.

His album “Mzizi” is yet to attract mega sales as it continues to be introduced to the wide SA music market. It was voted the Best Afro-pop album of 2011 at the popular Metro Frequency Modulation (FM) Music Awards. So what’s your reason not to buy his album? Well, you really have no reason beside the fact he won against the most anticipated artists in the genre.

Talking with Madoda and of course with the views that his music style does not differ to that of Jaziel Brothers, I asked him about their relationship. He and the band were together in music school, that’s where it all started and they became friends to such an extent that they formed a band called “Mamela”. Growing up from Christian backgrounds is one weighty element that triggered their relationship, as Mamela (Listen) they won all the music competitions at their school. The brothers also took or say invited him to their Church where they called him on stage to render a song, “I went on stage did my thing and received so much love from congregation,” said Madoda.

Phambi Kwakho featuring Howza as a track has received so much love, but my favourite of all time is “Beauty”, Awuuuuu! “Beauty can I talk with you, Beauty can walk with you, I say Beauty can talk with you, Beauty can walk with you?”  In this track he featured the well-known Guffy with a bit of Maskhandi added with Mishka. The song was recorded by Godfrey “Guffy” Pilane and Sibusiso “Bodjas” Xaba and produced by Madoda and Guffy. It was published by Thandase Music (Sony ATV) and Howza copyright control.
The album is a “thank you” to his family “Amazizi Amahle”. Madoda would also like to extend his gratitude to all the supporters who made it possible by voting for him to win the Best Afro Pop Award during the Metro FM Music Awards 2011. The album Madoda-Mzizi is available in stores nation-wide.

“Sekeqalile…, Sekeqalile…, Lomuntu ‘va ngotywala uva ngotywala, lo muntu ‘va ngotywala, khawundilalele, lomuntu ‘va ngotywala, khawundilalele, Sekeqalile, theth’ amanga, qaphelani, khuza lapho, yini khawundilalele…” and that’s track number sixteen (16) “Tywala”. See in STORES!

Should you fail to get your copy/bulk orders contact: Sheer Sound/ +27 114387000/   

 Management/Label: Thandase Music/ /  +27 79 738 4674

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