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Friday, January 27, 2012

I don’t know too many people that are successful and uneducated says Thabiso Makhubela of Yfm

Here's a Q & A with Thabiso Makhubela of Y Frequency Modulation (FM).He shared his ways of doing things, appreciation, education, career, food, friends and a bit about his personal life and relationship. Let's enjoy!


Q Where did you study?
A I studied at Vega, the brand communications school in Randburg – Johannesburg.

Q What did you study?
A I studied communications Management (With special focus on PR and Brand Building).

Q How long did it take you to get that qualification?
A It took me 18 whole months! 

Q Why would you say education is important to young people?
A I don’t know too many people that are successful and uneducated. So that in itself is a big reason. Unless you want mediocre in life – everyone in today’s age needs an education of any sorts. We can’t all be Lawyers, Engineers and Doctors but if you are educated – in any field then life will be a lot easier for you. It’s the most sustainable way to get ahead.


Q When did you start to work on radio?
A My radio career started in April 2011.

Q Was it your dream?
A I’ve never really always dreamed of working on radio, although I have been always passionate about the world of media and entertainment. My career started at  very young age with a numerous TV appearances and that led to a “behind the scenes” job at a private TV & Radio presenting skills training institution where I started off as assistant to the Director and ultimately worked my way up the ranks and became a trainer, training beginner TV and radio talent. So, while I have sort of worked on stuff that has to do with radio – I’ve not always dreamed of becoming a radio presenter myself. I guess it never dawned on me how much I loved radio until I was given the opportunity to work with YFM, which totally introduced me to a whole new world which I have completely adopted and have become super passionate about.

Q Who's your role model?
A I have quite a number of role models, I guess some of them are people that inspire me and then there are people I genuinely do look up to, like Ryan Seacrest. I really do love the work he does and would like to be like him when I grow up. He is so incredible and I see an immense deal of my near-future self in him!

Q How is it like to work for Y fm?
A Tjo! YFM is a phenomenal station filled with a diversity of young, energetic, ambitious and talented people. I thrive in environments like that, environments that promote growth and learning. Very unpredictable, every day is different and I guess that’s what makes it so fun.

Q Besides radio what else do you do?
A I run a corporate and creative communications company – Prime Time Communications with various divisions (TV & Video Production, PR, Design, Training and Casting – which is my favourite division as I get very involved daily working as a Casting Director and senior talent agent / manager). I also work as a Consulting Producer and get called in by Production Companies with loads of work to help produce and manage the production process.


Q Where did you grow up?
A I grew up in a small village called Lefatlheng in Hammanskraal.

Q How was it growing up there?
A It was interesting, life there was and remains very different to how we live in Joburg, everything is chilled. That can have its disadvantages for people who see life beyond Hammanskraal, people who have BIG dreams and want to explore them and make them come true. I left Hammanskraal as a teenager and so the most part of my experiences growing up there are as a child.

How many siblings do you have?
A I have one sister, Lindiwe. She’s in matric this year – seeing her grow is so amazing.

Q What would you like us to know about your dad/mother?
A I have a funny family combination of two completely different parents. My dad, a Tsonga man from Hammanskraal, a Police Officer, lovely guy, always smiling, always happy and really loving and warm soul, never raises his voice – no matter what and my late mom who passed away in April 2010, a strict Zulu woman that I love so much. She was the comedian of the family, my best friend actually, always making everyone at home laugh. The heart of the family – but very strict and she didn’t mind hitting you with a pot / throwing a cup at you – any day! They are very loving and protective.

Q Who's the funniest member of your family?
A Apart from my mom. I am VERY funny even if I say so myself. I visit home and people laugh from the moment I step out the car. Sometimes I feel like I should become a comedian, I hold back because I think maybe my family are the only people that laugh at all the nonsense I say and do – possibly because they want something, JOKES!


Q What is your favourite food?
A All my friends think this is silly but I will fight for kFC any day! But I also do love sea food and Traditional Thai Chicken Green Curry...mhmmmm

Q What is your most dreadful food?
A Some Chinese foods, I mean I like the basic stuff like Chow Mein and all that but during my visit to Hong Kong, I could not deal. I always had McDonalds the whole time.

Q Your favourite restaurant?
A Kong Roast is by far one of my favourite restaurants.


Q what is your criterion in choosing friends?
A I love people that make laugh, that make me happy, understand and respect me but also have something about them that I can relate to. They must be driven people passionate about life.

Q Who is your best friend(s)?
A I have a few though, In NO PARTICULAR ORDER Letlhogonolo Marcus Tucker, Lucas Mogapi, Ntuthuko Nyandeni, Irene Mokoena, Mpho Chauke and Duduetsang Motlhanke. 

Q How often do you change friends?
A I’ve never had to. 

Q Who’s your funniest friend?
A FUNNY is his middle name and that is Ntuthuko Nyandeni, I kid you not, I laugh 90% of the time when I’m with him. He is just so crazy and yes there is a chance he needs to have his head examined but for now I’m enjoying all the laughing I get to do with him and so we won’t book him in for mental examinations. 


who’s Thabiso in few words?
A Thabiso is a fun, outgoing, outspoken, loving man -  a happy man - a bundle of joy, a .

Q Are you single?
A No, I’m not single.

Q who's the lucky person?
A I am very involved for almost 3 years now in a committed relationship with my Sylvester!

Q What would you like your partner to respect mostly about you?
A They must respect fact that I am an individual and different to what my partner is.

Q Your turning point in life?
A The loss of my mother.

Q  LOL wow it’s actually the first time I get someone to answer this question as intended, so how did you manage that?
A I am still in the process of managing it... Let’s see in 5 years time.

Q Your first kiss?
A Stout (Silly) question! I was 16 and it was great. That’s all...

Q What is your motto in life?
A Live to the fullest! Very often we get so consumed in thinking about the past, how we should or could have done things as well as very often planning for the future. There’s nothing wrong with reflecting on your past experiences or planning ones future but if it affects the quality of your life right now, today – something is wrong!

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