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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Sun Hogwash: This is Bullshit writing and I'm heartbroken says former Generations actress Tina Jaxa

“FORMER Generations star Tina Jaxa has found love again!” As reported by the Sunday Sun.

It happened that today I bought myself a copy of the Sunday Sun, of course I don’t read such hogwash but a friend who I always share Zane’s progress as one of the MR SA contestants couldn’t wait to give me an early call referring me to get myself a copy of the toilet roll. I went to the nearest shop to get the daily newspaper and oops on page two (2), “Zane Puts Zing into Tina’s Life.” headlined the headline.

I was really disappointed having to receive such news and I somehow asked myself, “Is Zane getting that famous or maybe becoming a good example was not his aim as we interviewed him before?” I couldn’t help myself but to call Zane Maqetuka and get his version of the story as he’s quoted by the paper as saying, “I don’t talk about my private life to the press.” He added as the paper claims, “Tina is a good friend of mine.”

Zane Maqetuka
Last week Wednesday Zane was invited at the SABC Montana drama series launch as one of the industry filmmakers.  Speaking with him this is what he said, “I was invited alone and came alone there with the aim to mingle with the fellow industry artists.” Of which the Sunday Sun saw that and turned it to a love relationship, “Sunday Sun has learned that Tina (41) has been secretly dating Zane Maqetuka (28) for the past few months.” Nevertheless I don’t see any confirmation from a source or both parties about what the paper claimed to have “Learned.”

Zane furthers, “It happened that I took photos with everyone that I knew in the launch and Ms Tina Jaxa was one of them as I worked with her before like on production like any other actor/actress.” Continued Zane; “The journalist got very excited to hear that I am MR SA Finalist 2012.” He’s not sure whether who told the Journalist that night he’s MR SA Finalist. He further stated that he never spoke to any press that night since it was not a platform for him to campaign for votes.

According to MR SA Finalist the evening went well and he mingled with everyone and he left the scene alone the way he came. The following day he then received a call from Kgomotso Moganedi (Sunday Sun Journalist) who asked him if he knows Tina. “I said yes as an actress that I worked with and they asked for my full name and age…” Zane asked them if this was about them helping him about his MR SA voting campaign or not and they said, “They will try to do something and I gave them my full name and age.”

This has come to affect the MR SA Finalist, “What hurts me is that they are not factual at all about what they said, right now I am protecting the MR SA brand, the corporate brands that I am the face of and my family.” He continued, “Really this could be seen and taken very wrong by them and the public because people will question what kind of MR SA I am and what kind of a message do I send out there to the youth and the people who have trusted and based their votes for me.”

He concluded, “Tina Jaxa is happily married with her husband and I only saw her when we met at the launch, we are not an item nor in contact whatsoever.”

Speaking with Tina Jaxa she said, “I’m sorry I cannot comment on this, you will have to speak to my Attorney, Daniel Ramothwala…”  And she gave me his contacts numbers. I tried to call Dainel several times and his phone rings to voice-mail.

I tried to call Tina again and this is what she said, “You know what I am heartbroken this is horrific, I would not wanna comment on this, it is shit-bullshit writing.” She continued, “I have kids and I am very upset right now.” She took a deep breath, “You don’t write such about abantu abadala (Elderly people) and they should have asked me for an interview.” She concluded, “I mean what about Zane’s career? He’s still very young, I am very upset right now and they called me to apologies but it’s too late now the matter is with my attorney, they should’ve thought better.”

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