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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Jealousy Makes you nasty: Why Eastern Cape Disc Jockeys will never progress

My Facebook acquaintance who goes by the name of Palturised Deejay from Eastern Cape recently updated a status on Facebook; on the update he was addressing the division amid local Dj’s by local Dj’s. “Dear Mdantsane Dj’s yekani ukuthi Abanye oDj ngabase Town or King we all under Buffalo City coz niyayiqhekeza iUnity ngalonto plz maan. Yes I said it.” (Sic).

The core aim of the update was to prohibit bigotry amongst local Dj’s although some took it delicate and went as far as using words like “Voetsek” etc. I really enjoyed reading the comments as they showed me how not willing are the Dj’s to unite and become one as they crashed each other by stones and undermining language. Do you think Eastern Cape Dj’s are professional enough? Will they ever represent the province fully without jealousy?

Personally I think they should grow up and stop acting like pre-school kids because the industry awaits their talent, and thus they can never be compared to other provincial Dj’s because of the immaturity and the fact that they don’t see each other succeeding. Honestly guys when are you going to let go of the pre-school attitude and start acting like professionals? Who will take you serious with such divisions amongst each other?

Please I am in line with Palturised Dj, just stop it and support each other. Remember we cannot do it alone but with the enormous love, support and appreciation from one another. As much as this appeared to be funny to others, but in a long run it is jealousy that kills Eastern Cape talent.

I don’t buy any faces or whatever, just be adults and stop umona yerrrrrr sies mani! Jealousy makes you nasty...

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