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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The third time I listened to E’skhaleni 8 I was actually embarrassed

Reviewing the very initial album for GoXtra News, I wanted this to be ideal. I went back three (3) times to listen to the album before submitting it. The first time I felt that Dj Cleo was in some way forgetting who he was, I felt like playing him I need a doctor. The second time I felt like maybe just maybe I had forgotten who he was.

Perplexed? Let me explain Dj Cleo possesses the greatest talent a musician maybe blessed with next to good timing or “alien ears” and that is range. His power move has always been the ability to blend his style with the mainstream. From deep house to Afro house to hip hop you name it, he has a credit on it. Dating back to Yizo Yizo now forward to the crazy hair then recall one December when he had us all listening to the violin like it was normal everyday stuff.

Even in those early days of South African Summer Jams where people weren’t really sure where music was going Cleo led the pack with his magic synthesizer and shameless abuse of human nature.  Now I know you’re confused but Cleo knows what you like to hear and for how long you are willing to hear it before you start to seek something else.  In this album he has two sides and his with tracks like Tlau side and our side (FACEBOOK).There is a hint of him holding back towards the last few tracks as if he was reaching for radio play but also keeping haters away and loyalists in the bag.

Well the third time I listened I was actually embarrassed because this album as a whole is solid; it’s sticking to the script of the young Ghetto fabulous DJ. He made only one mistake in my eyes and that mistake is Facebook! It paints a different picture to the rest of the album but tracks like clap your hands remind you that this guy also has a sense of humor and maybe just maybe he was having fun with it. This is something I not only encourage but respect too. With the aforesaid I give E’skhaleni 8 a 6 out of 8 because I heard Facebook first. In this case I think the fillers killed the killers But you must be the judge. Check it out!

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