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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Review: Nomhle Delivers A Magnificent album, Ikwezi Morning Star

I somehow become a fanatic to good music; to be honest music is not my type of thing especially the Afro Pop, traditional funk Soul and Jazz genres. But listening to good artist(s) has completely changed that view or rather say perception. When I got “Ikwezi Morning Star” (Traditional funk soul) from Ndabi Thomas I somehow asked myself who’s Nomhle? I am not going to listen to this girl at all. Where is she coming from? But why not listen to her album? Her name gave me the thumbs up. Finally, I gave my cleverness a chance to absorb her music that made me feel like I wanted to stand up ndixhentse (do a traditional dance). She is nothing like Zahara and that’s what made her stand out and unique to me, she has her own style of singing and she is so well relaxed; a young Mama Africa is born (I would presume Mama Makeba is one of her influences)

I was a bit perplexed about her until I established myself sneaking through the album cover page. She grew up in a township called Kwa-Magxaki in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape. I just knew from her songs that this girl is nowhere to be found in Johannesburg by origins; her melodic voice crying away from the river kind of reminded me of the then journeys our parents had to travel only fetch some water. I felt a girl from Port Elizabeth flooding my ears with natural music that she sings in my mother tongue isiXhosa. One more vital thing is that the album is dedicated to her dearest mother “Thoto”, “Thanks ngokunyamezela ndikushiya ndisemncinci ndibhekisa kwelase Rhawutini ikwangulomculo ke phofu…” a quote from the
acknowledgements in the album cover.

Her music has a touch of traditional feel and pure drum grooves that will sooth and smooth your listening needs. She sings about what is shaping our communities on daily basis, unlike other artists who will stand out as Euro-centric and try to appear like overseas artists as much as they can forgetting what is the African market looking for in terms of local content that bears relevance to them, to be frankly Nomhle passed the aforesaid with a DISTINCTION.

 One of her songs “Ubuntu Bakho” completely stood out for me from the whole album as she encourages a black person to hold on, humble themselves, and be proud of their humanity. The song has a meaningful touch of soul and jazz that draws back a listener to thoughts of “why lose myself esteem because that’s who I am (Black)”. Well, if you’re not proud of being black I suggest you GO GET her album and tell me who you are to undermine yourself as an African.

Another song that she mastered in the album is “A Loving Home” here she sings about the people who are homeless and eat in the dustbins, those who have been for a long time going around looking for a shelter. This is really sad because she also outlines the fact that these people end up in Mortuaries. “Everybody needs a loving home…” a quote from the song. She encourages us to help each other and stay as united as we can. I also believe her when she sings that a black person can impact a positive change. Allow me to get carried away, “Everybody wonk’ Umuntu needs a loving, Mzantsi a loving, Africa a loving, Mzantsi a loving a home, Africa a loving, everyboy wonk’ Umuntu needs a loving home…” a quote from the song. 

I love the way she sings or better yet said presents her lyrics and I become so close with her album “Ikwezi Morning Star”, she’s one of the artist that have done a wonderful entrance in the industry. And she sounds like a long time investment that will still not bore us but remain in the shelves of music stores. Well, allow me to take a deep breath and listen to her magnificent and pleased album once again and once again. I don’t want to sound like I repeat myself, but the whole album is on cloud nine and she blesses me as an African. It is a must get, it’s something that one would like to engrave forever so that it stays new and away from scratches and pirated music.

I have to say Sisa “Mr Funk Daddy” Sopazi together with his assistant producers Sifiso Shabalala and Max Baloyi have done an outstanding job as the producer(s) of the album.

Let’s support this wonderful project and welcome her as our young Mama Africa. Her album Ikwezi Morning Star, Ikwezi Morning Star, Ikwezi Morning Star was released in October and is available in stores nation-wide. Her music is also available on

On the 22nd of current month she will be opening for the artist who got a Brenda Fassie support (Zahara) in Lesotho at the Convention Centre and also on the 24th at the Festival that will as well be held in Lesotho. So don’t miss out, it’s going to be a huge event. I already imagine her and Zahara in a song collaboration…

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