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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Stupid South African Disc Jockeys of the week minus Glen Lewis

T'bo Touch
It is always intelligent to glue to your plans especially those that are recorded in contracts as we all know these are legally binding to the parties involved. South African Dj’s don’t know at all what is the meaning of a contract, well, it is a legal binding document between two or more parties and it also bears conditions and terms of working, period, and how many days or hours can one issue a note of cancelation.

Permit me to start with the Metro Fm presenter/Dj T’Bo Touch he has been sued according to the Sunday World an amount of R174 933 within seven (7) working days by Kwazulu Natal Businessman Moses Mkhabela. Honestly what was he thinking? Sorry T’Bo Touch if you always get your way no not this time around. You somehow thought you’ll be like your co-worker Glen Lewis who managed to cancel two Cape Town Gigs on last moments? He cancelled first Base Galore and then Victoria Lounge.

Glen Lewis
Listen here Glen papa these people or rather say event organisers do marketing of the event which is costly, they print flayers and tickets and wena you just cancel and get away with it? No man that’s an unfair business practice and be glad that they were twits enough not to sue you at all. To be honest with you yes you’ll get what’s coming your way just like LOL T’Bo down junkie…

Another DJ who has made a fool of himself this week is Kaya FM’s Bob Mabena. Honestly Bob how do you cope being a radio presenter/Dj without knowing your news? It does not mean you need to be a news anchor or journalist Papa but for the pure fact that you inform the public. Where do you come from? How do you inform listeners with such poor knowledge of what is shaping your country? According to an article published by the Independent Online (IOL), “The presidency had to issue a statement on Nelson Mandela’s health yesterday after a Johannesburg radio Dj got it all wrong, taking to twitter to announce that the former president was ill- after watching TV file footage from January.”

I mean wake up Bob and smell the coffee because you should know by now when you watching news at the studio it is mostly a re-run of what has happened before. Honestly I don’t blame you because it also confused me while I was still with 104 FM Radio Tygerberg, but as I am so clever and happen to be a journalist who read news I knew that was just a re-run. But at the same time I fully blame you because you’ve earned respect on radio and you’ve been there for years to lie on twitter about our Daddy’s health status and I think you deserve to be fired who knows how many times have you misled the listeners? Oh! No you don’t deserve to inform the public at all Papa…

T’Bo Touch respect event organisers from now on please brother, if you have been booked just go to the gig or make excuses rather say I’m sick I can’t make it LOL! And then seek or buy a Doctor’s note. Or do it the proper way by informing them before according to your terms and conditions. As for Glen Lewis I don’t know what to say to an adult like you who sees important gigs minutes when due to perform at a gig that has booked you prior.

In final stages, wena Bob just read your news because you’re such an embarrassment to the whole media industry. Yhoo! Mara how can you not verify? How can you lie about such a prominent person? Awunamahloni and Sinamahloni ngawe…

Story by Buchule Raba (Socialist) / leave your comments for me below the comment box or send them via email to, Click here to follow me on twitter or add me on Facebook here

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