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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Poor: Nhlanhla Nciza ditched her fans-Big Daddy Events in HUGE Debts

On the 1st of January 2012 (New Year’s Day) I attended an event (Year end festival) in Potchefstroom, Potch Dam. Where artists like Zahara, Madoda-Mzizi, Theo Kgosinkwe and Lesego performed. After Madoda we were promised Nhlanhla Nciza of Mafikizolo (solo) and after her it was going to be Theo (Solo) and after that the line up was Mafikizolo.

As usual the master of ceremony asked, “Are you ready for Nhlanhla Nciza…?” and the floor screamed with hunger for their industry aunt. So the Dj kept us company with good music including the golden oldies as we waited for the once queen of Mafikizolo to arrive.
They kept on asking if we are ready for her and by this time I already told myself after 3 hours of keeping her fans waiting she’s not running any late but I was of the opinion maybe she had an emergency to attend or double booked herself or who knows the event organisers were claiming her but never booked her at all because Big Daddy Events is famous for not paying artists dating back from at least 2010.

So the Dj was surely in a bid to keep us thinking that she’s coming he played a song from the then Mafikizolo album, “Ngumnt’ Onjani lo” and I was like wow what a relevant song Mr Dj, of course asking myself what kind of a person Nhlanhla Nciza is? How can you keep us waiting and not pitch up? Not a single apology was made nor a reason why she didn’t honour her booking (If there was ever any booking/payment). Even Big Daddy Events was unprofessional enough not to even give us a reason why did the artist not come to perform, instead he acted busy going around with his cell phone as if he was going to say, “Yes, I have managed to get hold of her she’s coming”, duh talking about event organisers who are in the industry for greed and to ridicule artists.

Oh Gosh maybe Ausi wanted to make a grand entrance. Lol that’s so poor and disrespectful to your fans and event organisers. Among the ladies I was standing by I had them talking, “Maybe she’s trying to find her bra because Zahara as well was not wearing one…” I giggled and chuckled to myself. Wow things that people observe maybe I should wear my… very often from now on.
As Theo was due to perform after her we ended up being amazed by his wholesome performance while on the other hand he kept the crowd entertained in some way of trying to tell us where he comes from by singing the Mafikizolo songs and asking the audience to sing along. I just thought it is not about that but they are giving us the Mafikizolo performance because Nhlanhla Nciza ditched us.

This is really bad Nhlanhla so please sisi next time be professional and pitch for your booking(s). Or if that is impossible just take a hike and stay at home. Regardless of your poor “stunt” the event was fine but junk because other artists including the security company were not paid up to this day. How on earth does one make business like that? Remember the say never be fooled by looks? Worse this Big Daddy looks very dignified you would swear that you’re entering in a serious business only to find out when payment is due that you were dealing with a greedy and hungry vulture.

Yes people like me enjoyed the performances by Zahara, Madoda, Theo and Lesego but yet Big Daddy there’s one thing that makes you a loser and that is choosing to pay some artists over others. Please grow business wise because you are an elder already by now. Don’t be greedy and niggardly Papa Tebogo Sekgaile. I mean why not pay if the event by 3 PM had more than 10 000 people?

I would further advise artist not to perform at Big Daddy’s events unless he pays everything up front otherwise tell him to take his gig to his puppets or those he respects enough to pay. And I know that he paid Zahara in full because no one messes with TS Records but why fool others? Even fooled the company that provided safety for the artists? Mara why? A big advice to abi and Nandos please know who to sponsor or invest your money otherwise your brand will be associated with junkies...

Story by Buchule Raba (Socialist) / leave your comments for me below the comment box or send them via email to, Click here to follow me on twitter or add me on Facebook here
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