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Friday, December 2, 2011

South Africa: 2011 Government Music Awards

Welcome to the GoXtra News 2011 Government awards. brought to you exclusively by our team of versatiles, LOL! Enjoy you know how we roll...

Song of the year: Julius Malema -Dubula Ibhulu (Shoot the Boer).

Most Downloaded Single: President Jacob Zuma - Umshini Wami.

Best Controversial Album: Mac Maharaj featuring the Mail and Guardian “Secrets out”

Best Dance Album: Former President FW. De Klerk, Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki will pay their own travels (Track Tax payer’s money needs to rest)

Best compilation: A man who spilled his drink on President Jacob Zuma fined R8000 ZAR

Best rap album: Big Mac, for his HOT album; My Honey Ain't Got No Arms Deal Money.

Best New Comer: Lindiwe T-lady Mazibuko of Zille's D.A records.

Best Contemporary Faith Music album: Parliament with their love it or hate it album; Secrecy Bill with that controversial single called No Public Interest.

Best of ALL Times: Goes to Schabir Shaik, Album: I fooled the Government, Track: I am fit and cruising Durban…

Poor Song of the year:  Album: ANC suspended Julius Malema, track: Julius Obowa too much…

Unfair song of the year: Album: Bheki Cele (He has no police experience), Track: Mzwandile Petros deserves the post.

Dumb song of the year: Album: Helen grooves session 1, Track: Blacks have no back-bone.

Educational Album of the year: COP17, song: Climate change double doze.

Now let’s welcome the Best of the best of all times… The J’s Month:

Are you aware of J’s?

  • Julius Malema- Kill the Boer
  • Jub-Jub- Kills innocent kids! Lol…
  • Jackson Mthembu- arrested for drunk driving
  • Jacob Zuma- baby with Irvin Khoza’s daughter.
So all these happened in one month so that’s why we entitled them the J’s Month…

2011 Awards compiled by our internal team...

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