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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Review: Music Soul & Dance, Music Soul & Dance, Music Soul & Dance

There are  lots of artists out there who've decided that for explosions in the sky to keep what they doing good and make people dance isn't about getting off free with churning out the same album over and over again, and ThasMan’s album “Music Soul & Dance” has proved to be sensational, raised above the rest  and he went all out to give the audience/listeners/fans what they deserve and want, or might even go as personal as saying when I got his album I simply regarded it as a need to sooth my ears because the sound is quality with a soft gentleman touch; so expect no noise at all.

Music Soul & Dance, Music Soul & Dance, Music Soul & Dance feels like the first album directed naturally to every house and non-house music fans as it accommodates every fanatic. Really if any radio does not have this master piece, well, it’s a shame because this is a very hot album to listen to and it is so much relevant to the Facebook and twitter age, well not shutting out the ordinary man who loves a touch of deep house.

ThasMan (Thabiso Tsotetsi, born August 22) has proved himself to be above many haters with Music Soul & Dance, while they are busy forgetting their strength and chasing approval they will never get. Yet Music Soul & Dance pulls off a hell of wonderful tracks ranging from my favourite, Come with me, a new day, a thing called love featuring Olwethu & Fifi Cooper is one of my best tracks in the album as it just excites me, “I wanna be loved, in a world full of dreams and happy souls…” quote from the song. The song “A thing called love” as claimed, it really does paint a picture of what love is with a touch of Jazz to bring back the once lost romantic moves.

Part of this great album is a move towards track number seven (7) “Happy Days” with its distortion and driving rhythms, isn’t  kilometres away from Johannesburg to Cape Town. His music isn’t composed using simple music/sound elements, yet you get the feel and direction of the wholesome sounds that every track delivers from the beginning of the album to the finish.

There are vocals too; they keep you in touch with the whole album as most will just flood you with confusing bass/beats that are difficult to follow without lyrical content. Song of praise also shows how thankful we should be towards God as he guards us in life, “I never been touched like you touch me, I never been loved like you love me, and I got to praise you…” quote from the song.

This is unquestionably the best album to get because it delivers what you’re expecting as a music fan and fanatic. Listening to his album was what I call a great benefit to my ears, cleverness and soul. It completely changes and accelerates your thoughts from all the negative junk that is around you and relaxes you with good sound that says, “I am here for you, forget about the world…”

The album does nothing that was never done on Earth, but still does it better than just about anybody else in the genre. Honestly it kind of influenced me to pick carefully between crap and good music, “Hello Mr Deejay, I want you just to give me that chance, I want you to give me that mic. So I can sing my song…” Featuring once again the melody bird Olwethu is one of the songs not to be skipped or forwarded at any costs.

What really stands out though is the great flair of talent and how happy this album is. It feels like a brand new step into a new house music territory that was never composed in South Africa. The album promises you an international touch and sound that will make everyone dance behind their steering wheels. The mood of the whole album is unambiguous. This is not just an unusual Soul and dance album but it is unusual for the genre as a whole. Now who the hell will do the same junk over and over again? And more importantly who gives a shit, Music Soul & Dance, Music Soul & Dance, Music Soul & Dance is the hot album available in stores nation-wide, so go grab yourself a copy and let it drive your passion for music to another heights. This is his best album since we’ve been flooded by junkie music and made look like fools who can’t see the difference between good quality and bad music…

ThasMan has discovered Tuks and produced his last three (3) albums. He also worked in some projects with Hip Hop Pantsula (HHP). He also discovered and released Morafe a Tswana Hip Hop group that saw Khuli Chana releases his debut album…

Mbambe ft Kopzela, see go get the album right now!

Booking Information: +27 82 567 9786/ for more information you can Click here or like their Facebook page: Impact Sounds SA
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