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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tjoo: A legal intimidation from an amateur Vynal Disc jockey

“Today I think I must meet with Heaven H Records Advocate, this guy is messing too much now. First it was Ashley Gumede- he ended where? Sued R50 000 for doing a fucken article about us, let’s wait and see about this guy. Journalists make us rich loving it,” updated the giant on his Facebook page. If one knows the law, well, this is not on and Gumede can gladly sue Vynal Dj because this is embarrassing and somehow tarnishes Gumede’s reputation, I mean this legal dispute was settled in a court of law already, so why update about it as if he was not concerned about his reputation but the R50 000 he claimed to have sued Gumede for. Well, your strategy to use journalist as your bank account will not always work out...

A NOTE OF CLEARANCE: Let me clear one thing to you Mistress Vynal Dj, I am not scared of threats plus I write about bigger people compared to a person so small like a fish, so you don’t scare a hell out of me. I don’t defame people I write what is real about them and to be frank with you, you act like you know nothing within the entertainment industry. You really need to wake up and smell the coffee. I am of the opinion that you’re a twit and people like you don’t survive in entertainment industry. 

At this instant allow me to clear some misunderstanding; I am not going to write about your crew but you. Tebza saw my work here on GoXtra News a while ago and he added me on Facebook with the interest to work with me as his Publicist, since this is my type of thing I agreed to work with him up until we come to a part where I asked him about our working terms, which means his terms and conditions and how much is he willing to pay me. I sensed somehow he wanted my services for FREE shame.

He then told me he’ll see his budget next year January then we’ll take it from there.  So as a potential employer he’ll ask me to do favours and I’ll do them for him, like advertising his online store via my facebook wall and he once asked me to draft him a song collaboration contract of which I did as well, I mean where was the so-called Advocate when he asked me to draft him a contract? 

This day on BBM he demanded that I do an interview about him, I said one of my writers will do it because I am very busy. By saying demanded I mean he said, “Do it now”. He sounded so desperate shame, if people demand publicity, well, I rather not be famous then.

We also had an argument where I thought him lessons on how not to demand but ask a person nicely when he needs something, as egocentric and “educated” as he is he never completely understood my standing point regarding his attitude. Yet I remained humble and kept him as a friend and impossibly (now) a potential employer.

He recently asked me to write the entire articles from here to his website claiming that I’ll get publicity as well. I was like tjoo! Who the hell needs publicity from a new website while mine has 18 countries visiting it? I asked the Disc Jockey if he is aware that we as Journalist get paid by what we write and he seemed not to be aware of such. And I told him if he wants me to do that he must pay and license the articles for his website, payment is something that he does not take with good brains.

So yesterday I humbly asked the Dj to send me a copy of his album for a review, he then replied, “Thanks but no thanks got professional and successful company’s that will do that n stuff. (Sic)” I mean you can pick up from the sentence that this person is a piece of whack. After this I gave him the middle figure of which he deserved with no scepticism at all. Only if  I knew he is somehow pissed off at me for not giving him publicity...

A word of advice my “friend” you really need to be professional when dealing with people because the industry is very big but it can to your surprise, be small too. Another thing I am not giving you any publicity but addressing a matter whereby respect is lacking. You need to grow up and stop living in a tin of condensed milk. As soon as you realise your attitude is whack then you’ll be able to get the right publicity that you’re so hungry for.

As you said we’ll meet in court I’ll be waiting for that letter from your “Advocate” and I am willing to go as far as that and see if you’ll ever win. You really don’t know the law Miss Dj and I am sure your lawyer will be glad to advice you in this regard. I don’t wish to ever cross paths with a desperate vulture like you…
I relish… 

Column/Commentary/Opinion by Buchule Raba (Socialist) / leave your comments for me below the comment box or send them via email to, Click here to follow me on twitter or add me on Facebook here

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