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Monday, November 28, 2011

Zahara’s Poor Music Videos: I kept asking myself if she’s EMBEZZLED

The buzzes in the order of Zahara, CD sales and of course her appearances and performances. Yet I don’t know how a great deal she’s generated financial wise, but I assure you even a twit can see that she’s made so much, but her music videos are saying the very opposite, they are meagre, low budget, and do not relate to her prevailing music. What triggered this is her music video “Ndize” that was played on SABC 1’s live music show previous week.

CAUTION: First of all before I proceed any further, I would like to clear out that this is a column, which is based on my opinion and advice. I have nothing against the artist or TS Records.

I kept on asking myself if she’s embezzled or just that TS Records wanted to keep the production on the lowest of all budgets. I mean a Nokia N8 could have done a superior job compared to whatever equipment they used, but again it is not the type of camera one uses. Proper planning, experienced music video director, editor and producer could have done wonders. And that’s only if a budget was not Eastern Cape but Johannesburg if you get my twist.

Really now, if she was a civic servant I would ask that her financial status to be a public matter, this means whatever she has made be disclosed in public because her music videos are to be honest a smack of her change (money) in her pretty face. We know there are artists who never got her sales and attention buy yet their music videos are worth watching.

I am still and will be her fan, but I am just sharing a matter of concern that must be corrected by those in power (TS Records). I wish that TS Records see this article as I am going to tag them via twitter. Right now I feel very disappointed that music videos of such an icon be deficient in good planning. Even a thug does not only smash a window and grab, but they put their thoughts in action as to grab and run to which side and how safe it is for them not to get arrested.

I would further advice Eastern Cape artists to do their own thing and only seek distribution from the record companies in Johannesburg. Don’t sign up with them please, unless you want to be dressed poor than your worth and music. I therefore call that a change must impact and what has happened to Zahara must not happen to any artist I don’t pretty much care if they from Joe Slovo Skwatta Camps in Langa, Cape Town.

Public Comments via Facebook:

Question via Facebook status update: Do you think Zahara’s music videos are worth what she has made?

“The videos are like home videos, there’s not much effort in terms of the presentation… Maybe the budget wasn’t enough.”

“Ja maybe her videos are not that nice compared to the audio sound.”

“Videos were done on cheap budget, I mean I can also go to sing at the beach and I mean even the make-up is not there, and Sbu uses Zahara.”

“They not because you can see the view is so boring nothing relate to the song… when you watching a video is must visualise the audio… TS you are robbing Zahara shame.”

“Zahara should have approached me for videos because I’m so creative, thinking out of the box… her video is lame and does not agree with the song…”

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