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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gonzo Journalism: Entering a 3rd Month with my BlackBerry

“I was hurt, angry and felt like I have managed to wet on my bed.” Writes Buchule Raba (GoXtra News Editor…)

Research in Motion (RIM) has managed to enter a market winning consumers across the globe to purchase their various range of BlackBerry smart phones. And people are still nervous and going forward on getting themselves a BlackBerry smart phone. But do we really need to own these BlackBerry’s? Just asking…

Not so long ago I lost my ever greatest Nokia E63 smart phone and because I was thrilled by BlackBerry taking the world by BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) I did not replace my N Series but went for a BB curve 9300. I was so happy to own this technological product and told myself I have the world in the palm of my hands. But that has ever since changed following their global melt down that made people wonder a lot about their professionalism and the way they run their systems.

To myself owning a BB phone is no longer a dream because I have one and it sucks in terms of network signal strength and you’ll find out that you can’t even access some pages as they apologies and close down the web page. So is this a fair practice? Are we not paying our BIS to access internet via our phones? Are we being mugged here? Whose at fault here network operators of RIM? Rhetorical questions do not really need answers, but your cleverness to answer oneself internally.

I rather go back to my Nokia N-Series
It’s been a week now using my BlackBerry to tune into my favourite radio breakfast show (The Morning Rhythm) and wow those were lovely moments, until today when BB acted up on me like a whore who recently got a job in Parliament. It is my morning routine to stream Eldos fm via every morning to listen to their super sexy morning drive show, well, this morning BlackBerry has managed to show me that they can and will not allow me to stream live, telling me, “You have opened unsupported media file format…” I mean since when it is unsupported, because I have been opening the same file with this BB phone for a week now.

To be frankly, I am not happy with the way BlackBerry is messing my pleasure around. What is the use of owning a phone that is going to control you? I did not purchase a person but a phone, so please let me be the driver RIM. It sickens me to the stomach not to get what I want with my handset. I don’t know whether this is happening to South African consumers or elsewhere too.  Even some of my friends have been complaining about similar problems and that is not a good consumer practice.

I think the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) as it approved this BlackBerry handset should step in and compel them to fix their internal system problems. In case you did not know, we have a right to communicate and it is unlawful to temper with that right in a country like South Africa. So please guys work with us here and fix your stupid handset problems.

I know it might be the voluminous amount of people that are always active on the phone 24/7 that causes some problems and failure of connection to some web pages. But whose problem is that? RIM it is yours and you need to find a solution before I sell my BlackBerry and buy an iPhone, Mi-Phone and or not limited to Nokia N-series Smartphone’s.

No hard feelings at all BlackBerry/RIM and I trust that from here we’ll have a good Business to Consumer relationship (B2C). All you need is to address my/ and or not limited to our needs as consumers then everything will be alright. I am sure we will cross paths again soon…

Your Dearest Consumer

Review/Column by Buchule Raba (Socialist) / leave your comments for me below the comment box or send them via email to, Click here to follow me on twitter or add me on Facebook here
Gonzo Journalism was coined by Hunter S. Thompson. In Gonzo writing you tell it as it is, e.g. if your president sucks, well, s/he sucks plain out…

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