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Sunday, November 20, 2011

After long rows of EMPTY promises, finally Mdantsane fm 89.5 is ON AIR

Mdantsane is the second largest (coming after Soweto) township in South Africa located in the Eastern parts of the country. Today the community prides itself with their own Y-Lens (Mdantsane Fm 89.5) “S’guqul’ Ubomi” (Changing life).

Years back the community attempted to broadcast with an illegal frequency modulation (fm) which was later shut down by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA). This time around the management behind Mdantsane fm 89.5 have managed to follow proper procedure on acquiring their own broadcast license from ICASA and they were very successful.

The station was set to broadcast on a number of dates since last year and failed due to delays within the studio setup, financial challenges and of course transmitter delays from SANTECH, which resulted in the promised community losing faith in their delivery and promises. But the aforesaid did not hold back the dream of owning a local community radio station, which was long overdue for such a large township in the country.

Finally on the 18th of November, Friday the count-down to 00:00 midnight for their first official broadcast started. And the stations finally went on air with the community holding thumbs together and after that were thumbs up to the team. The station is still on air and reaching the community and some areas nearby. In case you’re around the area make sure to switch your Y-Lens to 89.5 MHz and that’s Mdantsane fm on your ears.

Future forward, hopefully everything will go well for them. Please support your local artist(s) as you’re bound to by your geographical area as a community radio. Don’t take bribery or anything in order for local artists and community needs to be heard. As you’ve wonderfully done, team spirit is the only way forward. Communication channels should be open downwards to upwards and vice versa.

I trust that the station will develop from what it is currently to a fully equipped studio by this time next year, and that can only happen if there’s proper financial and station management. I will be watching you with a microscopic eye and criticising the station both negatively and positively to ensure growth and that corrections are in order should errors take shape.
All the best Mdantsane frequency modulation team, with your hyper active presenters everything is destined to succeed…
Advertise on Mdantsane fm email: or you may also like their Facebook page “Mdantsane fm 89.5”
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