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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lead Singer of a popular gay group Amstel to go solo

Amstel and Koyo Bala

Amstel Moboa, lead singer of popular gay pop group is going solo. He has found a new energy to make a long time dream come true.

Dirirurbelle (Butterflies) singer, ever since winning the Selimathunzi Duku Duku Social Butterfly Award in 2002 became SA's Gay Pop Culture Leader. Known for his signature long traditional dreadlocks became a trend setter with his flamboyant and dramatic outfits that became a show stopper wherever he went.

Amstel, the singer says it’s all thanks to Drama Queen Lebo Mathosa and the late legendary Brenda Fassie for his music career. With a new projects coming up - YES your Dramatic Diva is busy recording his debut solo album scheduled for release in 2012.

He is also just human, in 2010 Jeff Moyo passed away after performing at one SA's biggest events in history, the 2010 Soccer World Cup. That's when 3SUM took a break and it gave both Koyo Bala and Amstel an opportunity to explore their talents individually.

Jade Williams part of Amstel's management team and BFF says, “he took a break reason he never had time to take of his make-up, wear slippers and pj's, it was party after party, he needed time to find himself”.

Well the Dramatic Diva is back, delivered killer performances at Joburg Pride and at the Feather Awards with Bujy and Somizi singing 'Gays Run the World'.

Amstel's new single called 'Ngikhathele udliwa', not only that, but his tired of being used, his tired of it all. His back and his focused!

For more updates on Amstel follow @amsteldiva and @JadeWilliams on twitter.

Story brought in by Jade Williams.   

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