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Thursday, November 24, 2011

ANC Gov.: You Protested Apartheid, now that you’re in power you SURPRESS MEDIA FREEDOM

I have been a spectator to the protection of information bill for a while astounded and perplexed. Firstly the secrecy bill for me is confusing because the main reason given by those pro the idea is privacy and security. These two reasons do not justify the keeping of the whole country in the dark on matters they have direct interest on. Why? Maybe they figure ignorance is bliss and in the quest to keep the voter’s happier, hide information from them and let them languish in the ignorance cesspool like oblivious pigs content with whatever junk they are fed.

I get mixed feelings when I think on this issue. I think about the common folk, the elite, I think about art and artists to all these people this seemingly unimportant piece of legislation means different things. To the common folk this really is petty stuff his main concern is filling the bread basket, really the artists is too occupied with their creations, well the elite are well off and self sufficient to even care about the discussions of lazy politicians. The real Truth is we are all subject to decisions made by our minors the politicians. I would have loved to see massive rise from all sectors and divides of society sending a strong word against this blatant attempt to undermine and criminalize thinking and knowing. It is an assault on the corner stone of freedom knowing. The government seeks to dictate dialogue, control the content on publications, annihilate lyricism and obliterate protest art.

I always questioned the role of the artist in the post 94 Era. Are artists there to simply make people smile, forget, dance, and act wild? Are they capable of elevating their job beyond circus monkeys and entertainment pets? Really now! After making a video on the jet plane and you don’t even own a house, how does your hollow self feel? What are you adding? Secrecy bill? Or you are satisfied with bubble gum art?

Tyranny is rising is raising its horn and all the musician are dumb founded not a single soul is uttering anything? You afraid they not going to give you a government gig. Timid artists who forget easily that they are able to fool around on television screens and perform in places previously designated for the pale race, due to efforts of artists who used their music as a vehicle to communicate significant messages that led to 94. The artist’s who mobilised the masses thru art. Some artist refused to water their art down they skipped the country for the sake of the greater vision. Now it’s your turn Mr. big time artist. You are on your prime you command influence spread awareness. Wear black. Print a T shit.  And talk about it.

It’s a sad state of affairs we need our artist to think beyond momentary pleasures. We need artists to view art and particularly music beyond just hollow entertainment. Music once mobilised the people and this season as well it holds similar power. Musicians wake up do something or must few of your own be banned for you to rise up?

Story by Yahkeem Ben Israel/ leave your comments for me below the comment box...

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