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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

KasiYouthUnited: Motivating and Empowering Youth InTownships

"Empowering South African youth initiatives, together success cannot be an all time and hard process." Buchule Raba (GoXtra News Editor)

KasiYouthUnited (KYU) is a non-profitable organisation that was founded this year to motivate and empower youth in townships. The purpose of the organization is to provide educational support and life skills programs to promote personal development.

KYU's vision is to see all the youth in townships uniting and uplifting each other to be successful one day. The organizations is also aware that there are other existing organizations but people don't know about them, the aim of KYU is to unite this organizations to work together because at the end of the day we all have the same goal. KYU believes that together we are stronger and we can archive more.
The organizations has other exciting projects, people will be informed in due time. We don't want to spoil everything by talking other than acting. One of the KYU's projects is the Royal Open Mic sessions that
are held every Sunday afternoon at Mfuleni Stadium (basket ball Court). The way to get youth's attention and get them involved is through entertainment (there the secret is out) KYU uses the sessions to provide
information such as application forms to varsity, bursary forms and assists in filling up the forms.

The other upcoming event that KYU is planning is a tour to SAB. The main problem that makes people in townships look like they dont want to do anything, all they want is to sit around and wait for government to
build us houses and give us grands is lack of information. SAB tour is not just to go and see how alcohol is made but to expose kasi youth to careers that exist out the other than being a cashier at shoprite. There
are still more companies that will come ekasi if not KYU is going to them.

KYU is also planning to take the grade 11 and grade 12 learners to University of Cape Town (UCT) "become a varsity student for a day" where the scholars will see how is it like being a student and attend lecturers with people that they will be shadowing for a day. And feel the privilege that we have of going to university, the privilege that our  people died for.

Iketleng Nwabisa Letsoha
KasiYouthUnite - Co-founder and Chairperson
083 764 7062

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