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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dj Sbu "Sound Revival Vol 1" and Zahara "Loliwe" sold thrice already

It's been only a week after the dropping of the brand new blazing albums by both Dj Sbu and Zahara.

The Disc jockey proudly announced via his Facebook today that, "It's exactly a week since the new Sbu and Zahara albums dropped and we've sold out thrice already..." He is also sending apologies to those who didn't manage or rather are struggling to get the stock. He continued, "We did anticipate so much first week sales on both albums but music stores were reluctant on big orders, and we told them now they are shocked and they be forever calling for more stock..." He thanks all those who supported them.

They are also anticipating for both alums  to go platinum before the festive season and double if not triple by Christmas time. Remember the albums are "Sound revival Volume 1" and "Loliwe".

You are invited to join both Dj Sbu and Zahara for listening sessions  to both albums this Thursday, 6:30pm sharp at the Fire and Ice Hotel in Melrose. It's a free entry, so book yourself via

Story by Buchule Raba/ please leave your comments below for me...

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