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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Best of Ntathe Mgozi: Should Arthur Mafokate hang his boots or go on AUCTION?

Compliments to Arthur Mafokate (The then self acclaimed King of Kwaito)
Your were good during your then hit "Kaffir"

It’s been a very hard-hitting industry since day one, but our Mzantsi artists (generally) cope or rather used to cope. At this very moment Ntathe thought very hard you know, and asked himself what is really happening with the South African music industry in particular the Kwaito genre sort of initiated by Arthur. Isn't music about the lyrical content? If so, why are we getting floppy music? Arthur Mafokate really needs to mature and stop giving us copy cat music (Please don’t hand down your level to today’s kwaito).
I am sorry Arthur!
I imply if you listen to the self acclaimed “his” song “Hlokoloza”, to me you are listening to Dj Sbu’s “Ghubuluzing” tune, don’t know how they begin to call such tediousness music. My peak is that “We are Hlokolozing” is simple a re-made of “We are Ghubuluzing”. Mara why Arthur? Why can’t you bring your genuinely produced music with no similarities to anyone’s music? It’s because you’re done! Just sit down and take retirement, of course if there’s any. Poor! Poor! Poor! You should just send “Hlokoloza” around for free and stop making a fuss about that bad composed song. When you’re on production, you’re to a certain extent on demolition …

Kwaaaaaah! I have also realised that “Hlokoloza” bears some Durban style, LOL! What is that now? I am sure you’ve realised that Durban boys do sell and their music is good. With that said, if I were you I would auction myself to Afrotainment or any label for that matter, because 999 (house number of your family home) records is stale. And since the Queens of Dance left you your reputation was a bit tarnished as well. Maybe the Queens have cursed you big time (sounds much better if you are a judge on these reality dance and musical shows)… Click here to get the experience of Hlokoloza

Anyway this guy udume very badly by allegedly stealing music, but hello if you can’t prove it in court what’s there to allege on? I remember on twitter when Lelo Boyana (Editor at complained about gossip being scarce, she asked Arthur via a tweet why doesn’t he steal a song (obviously to make gossip flourish); he tweeted back and said, “They stole mine this time…” Lol isn’t that an admission that he’s actually stealing music? Anyway Ntathe is just asking (LOL rolling eyes).

Very Cute Smile Ndoda!
Besides deficient skills (now) to produce music, you were rather okay during the theid-apart era (I still Remember that song "Kaffir" Click Here to listen); and yeah honestly your music was on point helping to mould the struggle for liberation. But now you’re messing it up dude. Just be a music mentor of some sort and stop forcing your way. You’re getting nowhere slowly but surely. Be a legend and help develop the South African music industry from behind the scenes.

I am not a connoisseur of music my brother, but you’re game over (So stop playing game over) as singer. You should retire, before spending your retirement plan promoting crappy music. I am of the opinion that your mind is tired and can’t think afresh, all you can do now is to boost the artist(s) you have at 999 if you still got any. Honestly I know it’s hard to let go of any passion, but by pursuing something else like a 9/5 daily job that will not be harmful. Just send your resume to few record labels they might open doors for you.

Until Next week! Wear that smile…

Commit to memory that Ntathe Mgozi loves you all, don’t let your stuck up passion close doors for big opportunities…

Story by: Ntathe Mgozi / you may leave your comments for me below the "comment" box...

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