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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Black Magazine: Queen of verbal diarrhea Nonhle Thema has lost yet another huge gig

Apologies to Nonhle Thema a sweet "friend" to D girl Ranaka

Twitter Queen and self proclaimed millionaire Nonhle Thema has been reported to have lost a deal of Co-Hosting one of SA's biggest events, Miss South Africa. I was just on my twitter page minding my own business when I came across tweets tweeted from Drum Magazine's page to her. I guess if she knew any better she would’ve not went all mad on twitter by exchanging insults with other celebrities. The old saying, “On your way up beware of the people you meet along the way, because you’ll bump in their hands on your way down…”

Below are the tweets:

From: @DrumMagazine
Sent: Sep 7, 2011 16:22

Queen of verbal diarrhea @NonhleThema has lost yet another huge gig. Replaced by Bridget Masinga.

From: @DrumMagazine
Sent: Sep 7, 2011 17:17

@NonhleThema what was your reason behind insulting your colleagues on twitter?

From: @DrumMagazine
Sent: Sep 7, 2011 16:46

@NonhleThema When did you find out that you had been pulled off co-hosting the Miss South Africa pageant?

Nonhle has been "attacking" her fellow celebrities/ stars for the past few months including the likes of Dineo Ranaka and Minenhle Dlamini to mention just a few.

Apologies to her Fanatics
Nonhle Thema tweeted, “I wanna say SORRY to all my FANZ that i hurt…I’m back on my grind and I LOVE YOU ALL…” (Sic), She’s also asking for your prayers as she claims to be working on some serious deals, “I have no time for hate at this moment…” she tweeted. Hopefully she will not lose “Some serious deals” too.
Dust Your Ego up Sissy
Nonhle Thema honey please stop with your not so cool behaviour on twitter. It's creating traffic on your page and that's cool but don't let it at the expense of your success. This can't be the end for you. Dust your ego up Sissy and use it in a more positive manner.

Story by Rodney Witbooi in collaboration with Buchule Raba/ Leave your comments below...
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