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Friday, September 9, 2011

The Editor: He’s a Comedian who hails from Soweto Township

Writes Buchule Raba (GoXtra News Editor)

“I discovered that the most dangerous mask is the one worn by intelligent people because they are clever at their disguise.” Dr. Ala Bashir

Soweto: One could argue we are committed to recycling
A lot has happened since previous week, ranging from our publication meeting the new character of Ntathe Mgozi; he’s a comedian who hails from Soweto Township. He’s made his debut in the entertainment industry as a poet and a comedian. As the editor of GoXtra News I was delighted to welcome him on board for the reason that we somehow vitally needed someone who will cover stories hilariously and not defame anyone (Remember this is an entertainment news publication).

Therefore huge developments are on the way and those will come with also welcoming Luckeez Mfowethu of Umhlobo Wenene fm (SABC) on board as a contributing writer. He’s not only a radio disc jockey; he’s also a producer/composer. If you didn’t know Luckeez was born July 5th 1980, he lives in a farm in Frankfort and they have a Top Class Music Studio.

In this Top Class music studio many things are shaping the art of music and performers, “We breed Rabbits and Keep Honey bees” said Mfowethu, if you know Slulami Bunu aka Sluja (as an artist himself) is also amongst the likes of Mfowethu.  I’ve noticed huge amounts of passion that Mfowethu bears, thus I approached him to come and blog with us; the reason being that he’s going to help us give exposure to those under the shadows of the Eastern Cape Media
TAKE NOTE: Next week Monday we are shooting our FIRST LIVE EPISODE (Interview) of GoXtra TV which will be aired here on the site. The date of release will be communicated to all our readers. So as I have told you brace yourselves for innovation and watch us capturing the moments in the South African entertainment setting. We’ll lead to you the best, by saying that I mean be on the forefront for new angles and enjoyment of news like never before.

With the above being said, I say spread the love and a plea is for you to join our news site via Google friend connect top left or bottom right. Your support is and will be always welcomed; you got to feel at home. I am also humbly encouraging reader comments and letters (Letters can be sent via email to

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Have a wholesome weekend, and don’t do what is not a desire to God…
The Editor
Buchule Raba (Journalist)

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