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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Best of Ntathe Mgozi: Loyiso Gola battling it out with Kenny Kunene

Wow! It seems like thee South African famous are always up to good or in arms. Allow Ntathe to tell you what he has just recollected while having his all time Old Brown Sherry (OBS), I didn't want to wait for it to spread like AIDS before I dance with Loyiso Gola and Kenny Kunene.

Remember Kenny aka Sushi King has launched a reality show "So What With Kenny Kunene", hopefully as he claims it will not be fake, he will tell us the skills to be successful criminals and roll with the powerful after. So it is reported that Gola went up in verbal arms to attack or rather call Kenny into a bloody order about how he should spend his wealth. Remember this Kak happened at Chaf Pozi Bar in the one of the Mzantsi's largest townships ko Soweto.

As reported by the Independent Online (IOL), Gola screamed, rather like Ntathe's wife, “You know what, f**k you, Kenny, and this show. This is bulls**t, how are kids going to find inspiration from such a bulls**t show?” True Gola my child, how are they going to bloody find role models with people like Kenny around? Let the big guns put him back behind bars ne? Lol Ntathe is just fooling around.

Kenny is not selling spices in the streets, so he acted like Gola was just farting and said as quoted by IOL, “I’m not worried about Loyiso, I’ll deal with him in my own time. I do a lot for people, what has he done himself for people?” said Kunene. Now Ntathe is worried, what possibly Kunene could do to Loyiso? I beg the South African Police Service to be ready now! You never know hey.

LOL! The ex-convict akabethelwa nangu do as he continued and said,“This show is going to be the life of entertainment, not as boring as the Kardashians. It will speak to South Africans; we don’t want shows like Kardashians that are fake and boring,” said Kunene. Hopefully it will not be a damn fake Kenny "Kardashian" Kunene. (Fire Ntathe Fire, Hitting Kunene with a double barrel)

Let me say this to Gola, remember bhuti Ntathe doesn't care or cater for who you are; but eat this Cape Town fish and chips: It's nobody's fault that people are hungry, blame it on the bloody stupid affirmative action toto. People, as me let's wait for the 24th of September for the broadcasting of "So What With Kenny Kunene" on

Taking his bottle of OBS and drinking (Remember it's already in the glass ne) until next week Ntathe Loves you all!

Story By Ntathe Mgozi

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