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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

SABC 3: Trendy soapie Isidingo to change time slot due to a competition by a rival soapie

The competition for viewers (Made worse by advertisers) is a very tough one, and as a result the popular SABC 3 soapie Isidingo (The Need) have opted to change their time slot to half past seven (19h30) come 3rd October. This is due by the huge visible competition from the rival channel’s well-liked soapie Rhythm City (RC). Looks like the master-minds behind RC are in the right production direction to keep viewers intact to the channel, but SABC 3 bosses will not undertake to lose their viewers.

According to The Times “from October 3, the veteran soapie, which has been on air for 13 years and was once regarded as being at the forefront of mixing current affairs and drama- will move to an hour later…, in a bid to find more viewers.” Very powerful move indeed by SABC 3, because you’ll find out that both soapies share the same viewers, as a result you’ll find them (Viewers) switching between channels to satisfy their viewership needs (Which disturbs focus).

Speaking with The Times, SABC 3’s on air presentation manager Renette Bengis, said Isidingo’s rescheduling was decided on to capitalise on the fact that more audiences are available at that time. So current programming which will be affected will reschedule to accommodate the new change from the 3rd of October month. The move is also influenced by the plausible evidence that during the ICC world cup the soapie was moved to the 7:30 time slot and viewership numbers increased radically.

In reliance the move by the SABC 3 management will be successful as they also hope to bring back or rather attract those like me who no longer watch the soapie. The new time slot will be perfect because their only competition is Scandal (On etv), which I trust Isidingo will attract more viewers compared to it. Scandal focuses more on the newsroom side of things, of which some of us have no interest in such, but journalism students (generally). In winding up Isidingo will have a far less competition in the new time slot compared to the noticeably busy half past six slot (18:30PM).

Popular South African Television Soapie Guide:
  • Isidingo airs on SABC 3 Mon-Fri 18:30 – 19:00 PM (From October 3rd 19:30-20:00PM)
  • Rhythm City airs on Mon-Fri 18:30-19:00PM
  • 7 De Laan airs on SABC 2 Mon-Fri 18:30-19:00 PM
  • From 20:00-20:30 PM switch 0n to Popular Soapie Generations which airs on SABC 1.
  • Muvhango airs on SABC 2 from 21:00-21:30 PM
In thought of the above guide Isidingo (The Need) shared viewers with Rhythm City from the rival channel ( and 7de Laan from a sister channel SABC 2. With the new upcoming changes it’s time for Isidingo to be just that the NEED by viewers…

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