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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Intsika on SABC 1: Finally things are done the Nguni way

Its Tuesday 20:30 razor-sharp: Millions of South Africans are intact to their screens to gaze at the popular Xhosa drama series Intsika, which airs on Mzantsi’s popular, channel SABC 1. 

"Intsika is a new 26-part drama series produced by Ochre Moving Pictures, that first aired on Tuesday 12 April 2011 at 20:30 on SABC1 Mzansi Fo Sho." SABC 1
Ever since the start of this breathtaking drama series I’ve been watching every episode and devoted to every bit of it, and yes to be honest it is a remarkable creation. A must watch and a new light to our television screens. It shows how we (South Africans) live in our townships on a daily basis. It brings to your eyes how our community leaders can manoeuvre things to their advantage.

Finally things are done the Nguni way; it’s long overdue that we see a series of this nature originates from our very own producers and film makers. Later than yesterdays episode I was so overjoyed by the way it went down up to the close. The Facebook community went ear-splitting (pity I imagined their voices through their status updates) when the character of Xolani showed his wife the “so-called wife duty” by forcing her into sex.
Their status updates went like, “Xolani indod’ eqotho,” which means he’s a real man; I mean how does one become a real man abusing their wife? Some went, “Intsika is porn…”

I indicate people do watch porn movies (and they see nothing wrong, because those are Western), but my question how does one begin to juxtapose Intsika with such? Can’t we get something educational in our Nguni languages? Why is it going to be rude in our Xhosa? It’s high time that we get more drama series of this nature. The timing of yesterday’s episode was on point as we are wrapping women’s month (August). It really showed that even if we are celebrating women’s month, there are still women that need to be freed from abuse.
We cannot hide from the fact that the series exposes the very abuse that shapes our homes on daily basis. It is a wise choice to tell these stories, so that the very abusers can watch/see that there will always be someone out there to tell a story whether directly or indirectly of what is happening behind the stereotype “Respecting my husband…” For how long are we going to hide at the back of cultural stereotypes? Huh? Culture must be just that and stop blaming things on it.
I also have to give felicitations to the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) for bringing us diverse programming. It’s high time that a new shift is brought home and let go of the American television programmes on our screens. I say big up SABC management for spending on such a local series, and I trust there’s more to come…Halala Intsika Halala! Let’s all mingle against children and women abuse. Beat it Mzantsi!
I can’t wait for next week Tuesday!
Intsika shows:
  •  The values of a united community under a chief, though there are individuals who will always go their way.
  •  The choice between the right and the wrong (Ethics).
  • A corrupt society.
  • Abuse of women and children.
  • Entertainment.
  •  Cultural dance.
  • Townships style and gossip.
  • Poverty that leads us to selling our own children for money. 

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