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Thursday, September 1, 2011

The very best of Ntathe Mgozi: Mzantsi’s TOP six Egocentric Celebrities

Its Thursday the September 1st, I therefore welcome you to the spring season of the year, and my correct time is 05:58 am as displayed on my Nokia 3310. To top it all up the network operator says, “Sim-card not registered, contact your service provider for RICA…”  I mean for real now, are there any celebrities in South Africa that need to RICA their brains with their network service (brain surgeon) providers? Ntathe Mgozi thought very hard this morning, and yeah why not bring you my best and first story carefully recollected. Since I respect and love our local celebrities I thought why not bring you the TOP SIX celebrities with success-stupid-dangerous egos that amount to them loosing and gaining our support. Hehehehe you’ll love this I promise you my brothers and sisters from another mothers.

Here’s my list from number six (6) to number (1):

On number (6) here stands Nonhle Thema (Business woman of some sort):

This woman has a very mind-numbing ego, nor that she’s not allowed to have it; but without respect it’s a NO. I am of the opinion that Nonhle is an introvert, and she likes it. My question though where did that rather stupid ego of her take her? She needs to stop living in a Black-Label beer bottle and start to appreciate others like they do to her. LOL this woman is crazy, I remember the day she tweeted about Dineo Ranaka being ugly, I mean for real now do we have to be that stupid like her and judge people in accordance with their looks? Let’s see who makes number five (5) on my list…

Singing out with the old time classic ((((((((Da storm is over)))))))) by R Kelly…

Now on number five (5) here stands, guess who? Do I tell you when I am done writing? No! It’s Dj Euphonik (Disc Jockey and radio personality):

When I chitchat about Euphonik I just think of a successful Mzantsi young business man with a stupid and a self can’t control ego. I remember a while ago on twitter…hehehehe tjooooooo this guy! He went all out using the F**k word with a listener, guess what the listener said to get that man rocking from the 5fm studios? The Dj said some words (pity Ntathe can’t remember), so the listener told him to quote the inventor of the words; it appeared more like the listener knew whose words were those. Kwaaaaaah! Euphonza even mentioned those bitter tweets on air that day. Hello bhutana that platform is not provided for your rather minor and silly beefs please, you’re there to do your job of which you are doing well on it. So please be a horse on the JnB met and focus.

 Singing out with ((((((((Dear Mama)))))))) by Tupac Shakkur ….

Welcome to my number four (4) on the list Dj Fresh (Disc jockey, business man and radio personality):

His ego was a very stiff and tattooed one to figure out, because this is a very wonderful and white-humbled man. So I call his ego the “white-ego”, how did I arrive here? He made a big issue a very small issue just few days ago. Remember the white guy who sang our national anthem junk on national television? Oh well yes you do, he said people should be over it and not make a big deal out of it; I mean hello Fresher what did you say when our own very black guy who broke the anthem into dust particles? Nothing! To top it all up, the guy is even showed in the commercial television advert sort of being thought by a small kid how to sing Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika… So please don’t come with your Juju attitude here. Hehehehe talking about the national anthem, I remember Thandiswa Mazwai refused to sing it last time on some event (She, I think claimed something about the Afrikaans verse). (NB: Race is only mentioned to make a clear distinction between the singers who need to be thought our national anthem)

Signing out with ((((((((Dreaming of a little Island)))))))) by Judy Boucher

On my number three (3) here lies Julius Malema (Political leader aka veteran and “Socialite”):

Juju is not on my list because he’s a political leader (I don’t do politics); he is here because of his loose mouth and the ego of a fearless one with celebrity status. Juju some call him a media puppet is an immense entertainer and we all love him this astonishing Limpopo brought up youthful man. I remember when he was on metro fm hosting with Minenhle Dlamini (The Juju drive), hehehehe did you hear the way he gave commentary to our local artists? I was flabbergasted by the way he’s versatile ngakhona, cha bafowethu Juju is a master entertainer who rolls with guys like Kenny Kunene (Top class like your first grade eggs)…

Who stands on number two (2)?

On number two (2) a very  hard decision to make, but let us welcome Lelo Boyana (Entertainment Blogger and editor ko now bumping the (((((full version of Happy Song))))). For Lelo B to make my list there’s none more than her inspiring ego of recollecting and reporting gossip aka grapevine very pleasing and funny. Leaving that behind, she’s also a great writer who gives us info-tainment all the way. She writes like a hater, but she’s no hater that one. I remember some time that went by on the show Late Night with Kgomotso hehehehe wow Lelo, LOL! I won’t say much but Uyanda Mbuli was there too that particular dag.

Who made position or rather form one (1) in my list? Let us see…

Now Mzantsi let us all receive our number (1) on Ntathe’s list of egocentric celebrities. Boom sits down (Nonhle Thema tendencies) and meet the man and the man himself Dj… Dj err Dj Sbu! Sbudaaaaaa we are “Ghubuluzing”, or rather “Lengoma” featuring the very best of Zahara (From Eastern Cape)
Sibusiso Leope didn’t just make it in the list like anyone else as you see they are all here for different reasons. This is a record label owner, a musician, a radio and television personality and a house disc jockey. Talking about his ego, Sbu possesses what I call “Informative-ego”, why? Because he’s always happy to inform and inspire the next person. He’s a good example to most kids that lack to see the role local celebrities play. As for him I congratulate and say big up brother. A plea from me is to continue do what you are doing and God will serve you all his best…

I am hoping that you enjoyed my top six (6) list of South African egocentric celebrities. Until next time, see you ladies and gentlemen.

Playing out or rather concluding with (((((I Don’t Care))))) Dj Giggs Superstar, dancing to the Heineken beer…

Yours in Love
Ntathe Mgozi / you may leave your comments for me below the "comment" box...

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