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Monday, August 29, 2011

Tribute to Social Networks:DJ Cleo - Sizohlangana ku Facebook

Hello Hi South Africans, why don’t you pop the bottles? What’s there to celebrate? Dj Cleo continues the race, he's now on a new album (E’skhaleni 8). The song titled “Facebook” in the album it’s a BIG NO for me, sorry to cry out so loud, I just don't dig it. But if you like the song you can download it via or go grab it in storees. At least “Ewe” by Ifani makes sense, nnyaa ga ke itse bathong… 

Perhaps the song needed a “female” vocalist, well that could’ve sounded much better and leave out that old fashioned Blacksem artist who still hides himself. LOL! I was also astonished by my cousin who saw the dancing cow commercial advert kumabonakude (On television) and compared the moves with Dj Cleo’s later dance moves while performing the song “Facebook…”

The song is nice (According to Cleo's fans) and people do like it, as I’ve said above it’s just a BIG No for me. As much as Cleo talks about his inspiration behind the composition of the song, well as good as he is he could have come up with something way better than it. Honestly there’s no surprise element in the song as it recollects what we already know; but we didn’t think of making it a song. 

I have also noticed that turning social sites names into songs is becoming a trend in Mzantsi lately, looking at Liquid Deep’s BBM song which was and is still a hit. Again there goes Chommie with a song titled “twitter”, hehehehehe kanti kwenzekani? Maybe Whats App, 2go and Mxit songs are still on production.

Exclusive of any worries this is not about the whole album, so let’s wait grab a copy of it and choose a hit track ourselves. I am certain that there will be much better songs in it, compared to “Don’t take my number, sohlangana ku Facebook…” With the above being said, let us support our local artists.

Singing out with ((((((((((Do it again…)))))))))) by Dj Cleo (E’skhaleni).

By Buchule Raba/ Leave comments for me below/ or send them via email to
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