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Friday, August 5, 2011

ProVerb: The Kimberly Diamond has opted not to sell his music in stores

The Kimberly Diamond named Tebogo Thekisho, popularly known by his stage name ProVerb born in Northern Cape Kimberly. He is one of the best Hip Hop artists that South Africa has ever produced. He’s a Sound Engineer by qualification which bench marks the quality of music that he always comes up with. He started his music at a very young age on the streets of Kimberly, he then went to Johannesburg in 2009 to pursue not only his education, but also that’s where his music career started to blossom. He is one of the few Rap artists with a Qualification; hence he was a Lecturer after completing his diploma. Proverb is not only a Hip Hop artist but also a MC (Miss S.A. Beauty Pageant 2010, Eskom Millennium Launch, Mnet Edit & ABSA Choir Awards, etc.), voice over artist, brand ambassador (Volvo), television (Channel O) and radio personality (Highveld FM), best known for hosting South African Idols Season 6 in 2010 and Season 7 (2011.).

The Trio (Albums)

ProVerb has released thus far three recording albums
(The Book of ProVerb, MaNuScript, and Write of Passage) with mix tapes like “Off da books”. He’s currently working on his new album which is said to be released through a process of singles, a strategy which seems to be working quite well in this world of new technology. Like most Rap artists he also started with an Indy label then went on to be signed by Gallo, a deal which had its dynamics and bitter words ended up being said by both parties when divorce papers were executed. He then went on Independent again, a strategy which most music guru’s perceived as a downfall due to problems associated with budget, marketing and distribution of his music. Apparently the rapper did his homework quiet well when he decided to leave Gallo and start his own music production (ProVerb Music Production).

The Current Project/Production

PV is currently on his fourth album which at the moment has got no release date, as the artist declares that the album will be released through a process of singles. So far he has released three singles featuring some of the best artists in Africa. These singles sets out a clear message of what the artist is about in terms of his hustling, thus calling him “REAL”. Real in hip hop is defined in many ways, some see it as hustling only music and living through music, something which is contrary to what “REAL” means to ProVerb because he has a 9-5 job with many endeavors which he states as “…that’s why you learn more when you say less, why you earn more when you pay respect…”(ProVerb). It is clear to him that being “real” means being able to put food on the table for your family as a man, and make sure his beautiful young daughter is cared for. 

His first singles “Higher” featuring Naeto C (Nigerian), “Inspired” featuring Brian Themba and “The Beginning” ft. Lungelo) with videos already shot have been receiving a high rotation on many radio stations and television channels.

ProV is known for his on point lyrical content; this time he embraces us again with such content that raises bars in terms of message. Beat selection on the three tracks is different to what he is formerly known by, maybe this is a sign of his growth in music. Production of the songs is of good quality and high standard, working with Lungelo (producer and a vocalist) was of good advantage to him. The track “Higher” talks about how far he’s willing to reach as he declares it, “…and when I’m racing I don’t set records, I break them…” He said. This is a very inspirational song and Naeto C complements him well as the message is sent.

Brian Themba on “Inspired” produces good vocals and the delivery on this song is still on point, whatever that has inspired ProVerb has made a huge impact because he really does sound inspired (maybe S.A. Idols is paying him well). The latest single “The Beginning” ft. Lungelo has been well received with its first week it received many compliments and followed a highly quality video shot (with Volvo involved of course). Good beat selection on the track and Verb does say that the last albums were just nothing but a piece of a pie, “…in case you didn’t get the memo those three albums that you call my classics, all were just my demos…” (ProVerb). Indeed he is breaking records now and reaching the limits.

The Short Fall

The short fall I see coming is on how he is going to make money on this project as he release the singles and make them available on his online website ( Being Independent costs a lot on distribution and that has led him finding it difficult to get a distribution deal, hence the online download move. When asked about this he said “People don’t buy albums in stores and I am not willing to waste my money and print hard copies that will get dust on shelves, I make money through royalties from SAMRO and I am getting gigs which pays far better than Album sales”. With that said, it shows a great concern on what is the real cause for not buying albums. Follows the big questions...

Is the music good enough for people to buy it? How far do artists go in terms of marketing themselves? If releasing music online, how much audience are you expecting to send the music to? Because more than 60% of South Africans is still computer illiterate. Maybe for him it is easy to release his music this way because he is “REAL” with a 9-5’s and many endeavors, unlike some young artists who still find it hard even to get a qualification. For those who have access to the internet, go get his music and it’s a pity then to those who cannot even afford to go to internet cafĂ©’s. I suggest you keep requesting his songs on radio stations and television.

By: Luthando Matewu/ leave comments for LM below.

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