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Thursday, August 4, 2011

God Has Instructed The FutureSound Music Group

After hearing rumours that the South African music group Future Sound is no longer together, I’ve manage to speak with one former group member Siba who gave me an insight as to what really happened. The group consisted of four (4) members which were Earth (Genesis aka the General), Water (Rev aka RockstaR), Wind (Steve aka the Wonder) and Fire (Siba aka Mr Siba).

 Life has seasons, and this is just one of them. FutureSound was a concept given to Genesis by God before we even got together, so I don't think the number of its members will hinder what God intends to do with it.”

Without any speculation I asked what the cause (s) of the split was, though Siba says he would not call it a split. All the four of them understand that they have been called for a certain purpose that God has planned for them, and it just happened that the Mighty confirmed to them that FutureSound as four members was only for a reason. He continued, “We have different journeys now but the same destination.” So please guys no speculations and gossip here are the facts as to whether the split was friendly or not, Siba talks “Most definitely, I’m well aware of the stigma attached when bands break up but as I said the other band members support us 100% and we support them, because when you follow God’s instruction to the T, there’s no room for selfishness!”

He told me that this has been brewing in their spirits for a while, but God confirmed after he and Steve went to Port Elizabeth in July to volunteer in a bid to help kids living in unfortunate circumstances, and these ranges from rape victims, abandoned children, orphans, HIV positive to mention just a few. In the Camp they were in charge of the music, were they sang praise and worship to God; this happened three to four times a day. In three days they helped save more kids to Jesus Christ than they have in the three years of FutureSound being together. Mr Siba says, “That for me confirmed right there and then what I’m meant to be doing with my talent, being part of the solution.”

They are still going to work together in some projects, but it might be a different journey for the FutureSound members. Helping people see, understand and come to Jesus Christ is something all four (4) of them are passionate about, and he’s sure that there will be projects that require all of them. He added that they are brothers and will always be, “We all want to see the others succeed in the purpose God has set out of them.” He says. The decision didn’t come across bad, because Rev and General are guys who are in tune with the spirit and they fully embraced the idea and understood that when God calls, you go. So they took it very well and gave them their blessings.

For our Supporters and the US Trip

They would like to thank their supporters for being there, for believing in them, for sharing good and bad times. And they will continue pray for them and ask God to add a blessing on everything they (Supporters) do. They also plea at them to join their Facebook Page “Rescue 911”, and follow their twitter page “@Rescue911Band” to be informed of the latest developments on their trip to the United States in October and November to record the Gospel Live album with some of the USA’s greatest musicians. Supporters to also look out for all the initiatives the “Rescue 911 Foundation” will be embarking on with Orphanages around the country, and how you can get involved because we can all do something.

This was all orchestrated by God, because before they went to PE for a week, Steve and Siba had started working on some Christian music, and to your surprise when they got to PE they recorded about 12 songs, which they tested on the kids at the Camp. He adds, “By the end of the camp those songs had become hits for these kids and they kept singing them where ever they were (I suppose because they were so catchy).” All this led to one Pastor who was from the States that noticed all this and mentioned to them that he’d like to organise for them to come and record the album there. The holy man called them a week after the camp and said, “Everything is paid for, book your visas…” Siba doesn’t think he and Steve had ever thanked God like they did that day! God made their dreams come true!

How will Rescue 911 Differ from FutureSound? Siba talks:

Rescue 911 is more than an album but a message/ministry that God put in Steve and mines heart. Throughout the book of Psalm God speaks about the idea of "RESCUE" and the many ways he plans to do that for those that call out to him.

And I think with this album, Steve and I's job is to make people aware that there is a God who wants to Rescue them out of pain, heartache, disappointment, sickness, lack, darkness etc.. And by singing along, it signifies "the cry" that a child would make to their father to help them and RESCUE them from whatever trouble they face.

Another difference is that this album has nothing to do with us, but everything to do with God, from track 1-15. So all praise and Glory be to the one who can actually save your life instead of the vessels on stage He's using to sing the songs. (This is what we are: Just God’s vessels!)

The New Album

They have already started to work on their new album and they have about 15 songs, all written and produced by both group members. So their trip to the US is basically to record/mix/master/package and distribute over there as well as home (South Africa). Siba says that he always say this is actually God’s mission; they are just tagging 
along because they love being wherever he is.

He concluded that South Africa isn’t the only place that needs some rescue, Somalia, Thailand, Asia, the US and UK too. They believe that they are going to all these places to help God RESCUE his children back to Him…Good luck to both groups in their future endeavours. Let the sunshine. Mzantsi lets support our homeboys!

Until next time I say PEACE! God Bless…

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