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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Minenhle Dlamini: A woman of great calibre

Minenhle Dlamini

Minenhle Dlamini is a South African television presenter; she is co-hosting with Bonang Matheba and Sizwe Dhlomo the Live music show. The show broadcasts on Fridays on Mzantsi’s number one (1) channel SABC 1. Nevertheless Mini seems to be expanding on the popular channel as she was announced as the new co-host of Mzantsi Insider, another rather to be popular television show.

She’s replacing the Mzantsi’s popular twins Hlelo and Ntando Masina, who also happen to run the Yfm world. Minenhle did not just win the competition to become lives’ presenter, her stunning looks and well structured body also speaks out loud. Another thing that I would personally advice her to keep is her “ambition” and never let the fact that she’s famous fool her, if you get my swag like the Nonhle Thema Goes to Fading Reality Television Show that was broadcasted on twitter several times (Would you rather say redundant Nonhle?) just asking anyway don’t bite, I Love her too bits.

We must also not ignore the fact that Durban rocks, because most of the people on our television screens are Zulu’s or rather from Durban well said. We all know that Xhosa’s in particular are hardly seen on television (As Artists of course). Let me not expand too much on this regard, because I don’t want to see myself reviewing Durban. But after all if you can’t crack it on television, you just happen to be like that. Advice, try something else. Don’t force your way! If ayisebenzi just be like that and let it go.

Now back to Mini Minaj (Minenhle Dlamini), she recently celebrated her 21st birthday (held at Monte casino). Tough luck to Andile Ncube who was alleged to have caused some show of his own, rather related to his personal issues on the Dlamini daughter’s big day (Oh Andile mosha usuku lomntana wabantu). What a “role model”? I mean aren’t they suppose to nurture this new talent instead of appearing like a twit. LOL! Nor that I’m wearing a judgemental cap, but we need to report or rather recollect these things.

Honestly Mini is a woman of great calibre and I’m pleading to all the industry vultures not to swallow her. Introduce her to drugs please DO NOT! Let her flourish in the industry like you’ll wished before you went on and tried to sniff whatever crap was on your disposal. But thanks to Ishmael (Jozi music group member) who went all open and told us live on national television that he went to rehab for his drug problem… with that being said, well he’s a great role model to other aspiring and growing media personalities. Don’t let it eat you ALONE! Rehab is just there for your disposal.

Mzantsi let’s celebrate and expose our celebrities in each and every aspect that we need to. They decided to be public, which means they are prominent to that space and should know how to behave in public places and social networks. And we must bear in mind that those whom accelerate unhealthy talk about them, do not help at all. We need to expose and propose solutions to the wrongs, and complement where it’s possible. I mean anyone is subject to corrections and that will help them do their mistakes perfectly next time.

As for Mini Minaj be a go-getter my sweetie, and never let “them” pull you down. Some claimed you are rather acting like a presenter, but surely they mistook you for who you really are (Not a fake from Johannesburg). Yeah Baby! You’ve made it on our screens massively and keep it that way. Don’t try to be Bonang Matheba (Anyway she blocked Gossip Xtra on twitter), just use her as your super role model if that’s the case…  

Few words of advice to Minenhle Dlamini, beware of the people on your way to stardom, because xa ubuya you’ll bump at them… Good luck and the entire lady luck for the future and your chosen field… 

See you around! 

By Buchule Raba Follow me on twitter here/ leave your comments for Buchule below or email him

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