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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Eastern Cape: Music Distribution Challenged Financially

Eastern Cape (South Africa)

Talks have emanated from the public about our music that is hard to find, this also extend to the small airplays we get on radio stations. Well let me try to clarify on these issues of distribution and airplay

As we all (generally) know that resources are so limited and scarce in Eastern Cape. Which means building something solid out of nothing has never been easy; thus it needs a number of hands to pull through/ crack it. Music distribution is a very hard thing to get as it requires money, which we don’t have at the moment.

Radio airplay also goes with a catch there and there, this happens because on radio there’s something called Payola (a bribe offered to promote a commercial product), which our local artists can’t afford to pay. This explains why you are going to find radio music dominated by the artists from big record labels which are based in Johannesburg and America to mention but a few…

So what’s the way out? While we (artists) are sleepless trying so hard to build this industry, we also need your help big time (trust me there’s a lot you can do). This can be done by starting to search the artist(s) you require their music on Facebook, they are all there; having that done you can inbox them and place your order.

A great call is to stop PIRATING our music because if you continue, we’ll never afford distribution (Selling of our music nation-wide in stores) and Payola.

Another major thing is to keep requesting our music as much as you can from the radio stations you listen to often (It can be your community or national radio station). If they don’t have the compact disc (CD)/ song(s), ask them to get it because it is their work to make sure that your listening pleasure is adhered to. Also if you are event organisers start investing on local talent by hiring our hustling brothers in your gigs. I know a number of best performers here in EC but when there are big paying events, you will never see them. By hiring a local artist(s), you not only helping them put food on the table, but making a massive difference in building our music industry.

Remember “Sisonke singenza lukhulu, kwaye iintloko ezimbini zisebenza ngcono kunenye”, (Together we can do more, and two heads works better than one…), so my people let’s work together and put the Eastern Province (South Africa) on the map. Durban did it, we can do it too! CAMAGU!

By Rawmenticw Sobetwa (add Sobetwa on facebook)

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