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Friday, August 12, 2011

Society: Alpha Males vs. Alpha Females

In much relationships your status or better said role as both male and female will differ, this is believed to be according to many things which amongst others are cultural perceptions and stereotypes. There are entirely a number of reasons as to why alpha (the individual in the community with the highest position/status) males and females don't usually last in their sexual relationships. However, how do we see alpha males in society?

As defined above we also need to check what is an alpha male in society. The Wise Geek at, explains that in human society alpha male can mean very different things. Some use the term to mean the guy who seems most at east with women and can essentially marry or date any woman of his choice. They further say, in this sense the alpha male is often good-looking or rather those cute guys, has a great build, and may have relatively high socio-economic status. Surely their explanation comes with respect as well.

Having well noted the above, I don't think in South Africa that's the case in hand; because you'll find out some alpha males do not meet the standards of being just alpha even by socio-economic status. They only accumulate this role by forced cultural stereotypes (Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is a prime example of an alpha male, who also not happens to qualify as such). So my question is: what is to be Alpha about that? What is Alpha if you can't respect your very own family/fellow men? What is Alpha if you let your woman sweat alone? I mean really now, men should work together with women to bring a halt to the abuse of women and children. 

Taking a general stand, in most cases the leading factor is jealousy which is common to the alpha male, being that he doesn't appreciate the prosperity and independence of the alpha female. It is dominant in most South African cultures that a man is the head of the household. My question is: how does one who's not providing becomes an accumulator of that rather important role? The ordinary female will not question this by authority, because of the embedded cultural stereotypes that a man is the head of the household and the feeling of inferiority that is inflicted upon women.

Greetings to inferiority, women often feel over powered by men to such an extent that they are scared and or have too much of that low self esteem to accumulate their roles at home or as public servants. This feeling is also boosted by the old cultural regime or rather generations who never took a stand when their husbands were wrong (They didn't want to be chased out of wedlock as they saw this as a disgrace to their families). Thus they groom their daughters not to make their husbands account for the wrongs they do (Hell No! Not today).

So today that’s why we find it difficult for both alphas to live together, because an alpha female of today knows how to take a stand and make their husbands account to any wrong deed. And a man do not like to see a woman of higher status than his, this is greatly caused by insecurities (common). Men feel poor and angry when a woman dominates financially and this is greatly caused by the treatment of women as house wives (Common in many countries).

I mean in nowadays honestly alpha females are very much independent career choice/education, employment, housing and car repayment bonds. And this is what really irritates the alpha male and or any other male out there. Today men are greatly dependent on women; they are lazy even to wash as simple as underwear. You'll find out in some households from the provision of food to internal chores looking at this poor woman. All a man does is to sit down and read a daily gossip publication, preferably Sunday World Shwashwi or Daily Voice (Today, ask a man about Beyonce and they will jump singing her latest single).

Honestly we have to nurture the daughters of today and make them an immense part of our society. This will not only boost their self esteem, but will help them win husbands that will value their worth and treat them as flowers of society. Men should appreciate women and stop being jealous and abusive towards them. In my eyes, the success of any state is dependent on women as they play huge roles behind the scenes, and they should be appreciated in all manners not only sexually.

The relationship between both alphas could easily be a strong bonding one, if both appreciate the values and efforts of each other. In todays and or future generations the bond will be stronger because there's no alpha fe/male that wants to marry a "beta" fe/male. Both alphas must be independent career-wise, and that will lead a strong relationship. The moral of the story: today if you claim to be the so-called “Alpha Male” who can’t even provide, you are so damn late… Females are picky when it comes to that bank account. So how much is your bank balance?

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By Buchule Raba
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