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Monday, August 8, 2011

Looks vs. Dangers: Skin DEEP for Khanyi Mbau

Khanyi Mbau (a top South African Socialite) has admitted that she’s addicted to skin surgery (Cut to the skin), so what? Like any other celebrity who would not admit being addicted to drugs (At least she’s brave to admit her addiction), yet we know there are many. Should we see this as a problem when happening at home? For all I know she may have multiple surgeries in a week, that is nobody’s business; but hers. Does it affect anyone she’s role modelling? Can’t a girl do what she’s comfortable with? But yes there numerous ways to reduce fats in your body, like watching your diet plan; keeping up with regular exercise…nevertheless we have our different preferences’. I often stopped myself asking, is this girl sick? But a thought came across that anyone can do it, so why not let her be?

Honestly when it comes to her I really don’t know why she would opt for skin surgery, because she’s not fat at all; plus her body is looking good (Maybe her dream was to be a Barbie doll look alike) LOL! When she appeared on the popular sabc 1 show Real Gobhoza (RGB), I was like “Girl where the hell have you been…?” honestly been missing her in Mzantsi screens and I’m sure those who hire her to pose in pictures with them can’t wait to see her back. The question is what difference wills this make? I’m of the opinion that the sure surgeons in her case would have told her if she was making no progress.

I’m of the opinion that the so-called cultural concerned people have already placed judgements on her (“My culture does not allow such things…”, or rather say your belief vs. real life situations) decision to undergo surgery, maybe there’s a culture that you know which prevents you from making changes to your natural being (Please inform if you happen to know). If one sees the need to change their looks, including you Phat Joe maybe skin surgery on those big lips of yours, we all have the right to do whatever we deem to be good for us. I’m sure talks have emanated from the public arena, such as “Wow uyaphapha uKhanyi Mbau…” and “Khanyi Mbau, there are rumours that you have had more surgery in a week. Why would you need it darling as it won’t make a difference.” Sunday World-Shwashwi (Article: Fast Gossip, 2011/08/06), honestly is it really your place to say such? Shut up! And speak if you’re perfect.

Skin surgery means cut to the skin, so there quite a number of risks involved in the process. And the Birmingham Skin Clinic states these as, scarring: because everyone heals differently but scarring is possible especially if you are prone (likely to experience) to thickened scars or keloids (scar tissue that has grown beyond the boundaries of normal skin). Secondly, infection: Minor infections can occur despite good operative technique and care during the healing phase. But they extend to say if the wound becomes infected you may need an antibiotic cream and/ or antibiotics by mouth.

Thirdly the clinic continues to point out bleeding; wounds can sometimes bleed a few hours after the procedure once the local anaesthetic wears off. If this happens, they advice you need to apply firm pressure over the wound until it stops. Lastly they dwell on discomfort: you may have some discomfort a few hours after the local anaesthetic has worn off. This is usually mild but can be relieved with Paracetamol (See to your nearest GP or chemist). They say you should not take Aspirin (a kind of pain killing drug) or Ibuprofen as this thins the blood and make cause bleeding. You can visit their website at

The Clinic also looks at the following:
·         Skin Conditions
·         Skin Cancer
·         Mole Screening
·         Allergy Testing
·         Skin Treatments
·         Skin Surgery (Khanyi Mbau’s current process)
·         Cosmetic Treatment

In solution, the Help Guide Organisation says, this how you can reduce the amount of fat you eat; mainly is to lose weight, managing cholesterol, and preventing health problems. They continued to say, “But when it comes to your mental and physical health, simply cutting the fat doesn’t just cut it.” thus they advice on good fats such as omega-3 fats (Salmon, flax seeds and walnuts are excellent food sources of omega-3), that are essential not only to your physical health but your emotional well-being too. Bad fats are Saturated fats and Trans fats. You can visit their website on

Mbau said (Showing her panties) more weeks for her under skin surgery… but  in spite of the dangers involved, Mbau will stop at nowhere for her rather pretty looks. So let’s all support her and hope she comes out of surgery soon and very soon.

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