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Friday, April 1, 2011

Dumisani Maswana: "One thing for sure I skip a day or two sometimes (true story)"

Speaking with artists both growing and the legends in the music industry has became a daily habit. Speaking with one of Eastern Cape home brew talents Dumisani Maswana who is now in Johannesburg has made me realise that not every artist can be labelled the same...

Q. When were you born? Where? I was born in the Eastern Cape, in a small village of Peddie (Ngqushwa), in 1983-04-14. I was brought up by my grandmother Noyekile Maswana.

Q. How did you grow up as a kid? I never really had a great childhood, but because I had a loving granny, I guess it was ok. My parents were very young when they got me, I don’t blame them. Even though I didn’t have everything I wanted as a child I had the same opportunities other kids had.
Q. When did u decided to take music as a career? Growing up I wanted to be a radio presenter, even though I was a great singer I guess the geographical area I was in didn’t allow me to dream bigger about music. I and my group won a music competition in 1999, and the prize was recording an album, my first day at studio was a great inspiration, that’s when I decided this is my life. 
Q. How did you get in music? In 2005 I decided to go solo, in that very same year I had a rare opportunity of sharing the stage with the internationally acclaimed Kenny Lattimore and Chante Moore during their tour in Port Elizabeth, that was really a highlight of my life, from that day I knew I could do this. In 2006 I moved to Johannesburg, knowing nobody but my talent negotiated for me. The following year I was signed, released my 1st album.
Q.Who are your influences? I love African music, especially South African. I’m influenced by Victor Ntoni, Ringo Madlingozi, the late Stompie Mavi, internationally D’Angelo, Erykah Badu and Raphael Saadiq.
Q. Who did you perform along with? I performed along many artists, Ringo, Sliq Angel, Ntando, Mafikizolo, Sharon Dee, Tshepo Tshola,  to name a few.
Q. How friendly has been the industry for you? I'm not going to try to make you feel sorry for me. I've had my struggles, and they've made me the artist I am, but I'm not going to attempt to glorify my strife in this interview. The only thing that matters in this game is what I say. The words that show who I am, what I feel, and what I believe. I know every kind of abuse in this industry, managers and companies who are not interested in developing your artistry but want you to make money for them. In spite of all these things, the most comforting thing is when the public loves you and you are true to yourself.  I must say there are radio stations that are totally behind me, from tru fm, Umhlobo Wenene, Kq fm and many other local stations, they play my music every day.
 What can you say to other growing musicians like you?
Changes within the music industry are creating new opportunities and accompanying challenges for every artist both known and unknown.  I’d say they must polish their skills while pushing. There’s still a lot of space for new blood in the industry, they need to know to know what they want from the start.
Q. What was your turning point in the industry? When I recorded my first album, it opened so many doors for me.
Q. What genre of music do you do? My music is Afro-Soul.
Q. Do you believe that God has made change in your life? If so, How? "Before honor comes humility." The higher God takes us, the more humility we have to walk in. I have seen God's blessings and favor in my life in incredible ways, I never forget where the favor is coming from. It's not just my gifts, education or my hard work that got me where I am; it is God's favor. I’ve learned that if I will stay small in my own eyes and always stand in amazement of what God has done and realize that He has given me the gifts, the talents, the ideas and opportunities; then God will continue to take me higher and higher. I’m always quick to give God the credit.
Q. How do you see a good morning? I never have bad mornings, for me it’s a matter of attitude.
Q. What would you like your woman to wear? Comfortably and decent, in her own definition of course…
Q. What is your favourite underwear colour? How often do you change it? Hahaha, what do you call these full tight undies… No bikini or boxers… I love red and black; One thing for sure I skip a day or two sometimes (true story)
Q.Tell me briefly about your character?I’m the sweetest person ever, can’t say NO to a favour, honest. But my strongest is my love and respect for ALL people; I have so many friends, a born again Christian.
Q. Tell me something no one knows about you? I stopped wetting my blankets at the age 10… hahahaha!
 Are you single? I am single, that’s my legal status, confirm with Home Affairs… But I’m involved, and so so happy…
Q.Your first kiss? I was 17 in Peddie, this girl from PE really embarrassed me when she said open your mouth…
Q.Your food dish? I love rice and something…
Q. What is your view about going green? (Environmental wise) I think it’s about preserving and taking good care of plants, saving water… Keeping the environment clean
Q. Your motto about life? "If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude...."
By: Buchule Raba

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  1. Thats my umkhaya,(hommie,EC) that is all very true cz we like to keep things real n honest.


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