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Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Dj Black Coffee Foundation

It has been a call for caring individuals, South Africans, institutions and foundations to contribute towards nation building and rehabilitation of our country, and lift our South African flag with pride.
The Foundation is set out for the following underpinning rationale:

  • To continually raise funds through the percentage we have pledged and are pledging from the CD sales of albums produced from Soulistic Music in the year 2009 and onwards.

  • To continually raise funds by attracting national private sector to donate and pledge support to the Foundation financially and/or otherwise, working together towards the common goal of uplifting the destitute, disabled and poor.
  • To continually raise funds by attracting government institutions and government involvement towards nation building, supporting and assisting the destitute communities and disabled people by donating and pledging support, financially and/ or otherwise.

  • To continually ensure that foreign countries and international investors learn about this Foundation initiation and all that is encapsulated in its objectives; so that wherever and whenever possible, they can contribute towards this initiative, our nation building, financially and/ or otherwise.
  • To assist the destitute and disabled people of South Africa by analyzing their needs, providing to those needs in a fruitful manner wherever possible

    • The Foundation will work annually with different institutions that are in place and established to reach the most destitute people of our country
    • The Foundation will undergo audit and hence seeks to work with institutions that have transparent track record, and will treat each institution according to its merits.

  • To continually grow the scope of the foundation, in terms of its working relationships, networks, and the size – in order to be reactive to the needs of the country and the destitute.
  • To continually create awareness of how important it is to create a caring country and reaching out to those who need helping hands, promoting humanity and human solidarity and the improvement of social cohesion.
Make Donations

"The Blackcoffe foundation will highly appreciate your donations in order to expand their help to all communities even those out of reach by government support systems." Buchule Raba

Donating within RSA

Name : The DJ Black Coffee Foundation
Bank : Nedbank
Branch : Eastgate
Code : 192405
Account Number : 1924 405970
Reference : Your Cellular Phone Number
: e.g. 0734206260

International Donations

Name : The DJ Black Coffee Foundation
Bank : Nedbank
Branch : Eastgate
Code : 192405
Account Number : 1924 405970
Reference : Your Contact Number
: e.g. +27734206260

HELP : 0860797797
"I actually thought that it would be a little confusing during the same period of your life to be in one meeting when you're trying to make money, and then go to another meeting where you're giving it away. "
Bill Gates

All information is adapted from the Black Coffee Foundation...
Visit them at Black Coffee Foundation
Article posted by Buchule Raba in support of the Black Coffee Foundation, which is helping the needs of our communities...

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