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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hlumelo Nyaluza's Obsession with Fashion

Hlumelo Nyaluza is an obsessed fashion fanatic who started to explore fashion at the age of eleven (11). Looking at HN designs and the age of existence proves a great deal of talent and flair. As they say, HN is always trying to be different, by that I’m sure we’ll not be having a South African Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, N Minaj, and Paris Hilton... Hopefully the HN fashion taste will bring a sense of taste to some of the turbulent fashion styles we experience in Mzantsi (South Africa). Here’s a take on fashion, business and success...

     When did you establish HN clothing line? HN clothing line was officially started a month ago, but the idea was always there. Because I remember when I was like eleven would play around with ideas like cutting a tie and combining it with a T-shirt. As the years went by I explored other business fields like the media, but then I finally decided to open my own clothing line and focus on it since I have the crazy eye for fashion...

      Wow very interesting man; tell me what does fashion mean to you personally? Well I believe fashion is what made me who I am today because somehow it stated the person that I am without having to say anything. For example I have more than two thousand friends on facebook and all of them tell me the same thing all the time of how they like my style and personality. Sometimes my friends would want to wear the same way as I do, but people would tell them my way of wearing only suits me because it suits my personality. In a nutshell, fashion is a lifestyle to me and I like shocking people in a good way and introducing crazy trends. 

           LOL (Laugh Out Loud)... on that note, would you regard this as an obsession? Yeah I would because when people are not talking about me I start to worry and think of ways that I can get them talking again. By now you would know what I would do...LOL! Wear an insane outfit and let them talk again waya-waya...

            Lolest! Surely would take me years to talk about you...just joking man...So which South African celebrity do you think is a bit out of fashion and why? Somizi, Kwaaaaaah... Did you see him during the SAMAs? Fusion of Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga, Michael Somi-Gaga lol... I believe all the celebrities in SA need some HN hey because they are limited and when they try to go beyond limits they ruin everything hey...

           Hahahaha! Did you have to say that? Anyway let’s continue...knowing that this is a hectic season for everyone and people tend to look very what would you suggest is the best way to have a wonderful winter fashion-wise? Wow that’s a nice one hey... Well winter gives a person the opportunity to wear the whole wardrobe...LOL! If people can mix all the different elements like your scarfs, high heel sneakers for the ladies that are coming up soon by the way, long avant-garde dresses, trendy jackets for the would look wonderful this winter playing around with colours. You would also notice people wearing jerseys even though it’s hot outside just because they want to look sophisticated. My advice for looking wonderful is to play around with colours and go with the staff that not everyone wears hey.

Tell me what do you think makes it difficult for people to pick their own unique style? You’ll notice some look like the fashion statues in the shops...hahahaha! Well the reason is because they don’t know who they are or they do not accept the people that they are. For example you would get people that love clothes, but they won’t bother looking fancy because they are scared of people calling then gay. You get me?

   Wow! On that note I’ve once asked ladies on Facebook what they think of pink jeans and guys... though the response was very stereotyped... What’s your view on that skinny pink jean on guys? It’s totally cool; I have a pair...LOL! I’ve got all colours and I’m not scared of wearing them in public hey. People have learnt to accept me, not me accepting what they think about me and that’s why I am where I am today hey...    

            Oh! Cool very insightful...what makes HN unique and stand out from the rest? What makes HN different we always strive to be different. If you look the company’s slogan you’ll find out it means introducing new trends, risking all the time with fashion and actually not reinventing that already exists, but inventing something that none has seen before...our slogan is “Experience the avant-garde” by the way... when it comes to HN we don’t think out of the box...we think out of the universe LOL!

       Hahahaha! Hopefully you not giving a cliché since the age of eleven you were a fashion fanatic...tell me how old are you now?  Lmao (Laugh My Ass Out) no I’m not hey, you’ll see for yourself... Well this year I am turning nineteen (19).

HN Clothing Line Logo
       How do you associate fashion and success? All the people I have succeeded in life are recognisable from a distance  by how and what they wear, therefore HN is here to make people succeed and feel they have succeeded in life. One of the books that I love and read through is called The Secret Says if you “Prop yourself up” you will get everything for instance I have a small Lamborghini toy in my room I look at it every day and see myself driving the real bigger one. As time goes by HN will try everything to break world records like: making the biggest T-shirt or most expensive jacket (Made with some traces of diamonds) etc. So as we succeed we’ll step up our name material wise and that will include ideas for those that will be able to afford, and we will have affordable normal price-tags as well. 

     By Buchule Raba

    All Images Are Supplied by HN Clothing Line. All Rights Reserved GoXtra 2011. For info follow HN Clothing Line on Facebook

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