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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Khanyi Mbau: "I'm comfortable with my skin"...Do you have the right to convict her as a bitch?

When I told Ntando Siyotula (Gossip Xtra Editor) about this column he said, “If I didn’t know better I would say you tappin’ Mbau” 
Cute: Mbau does not have to defend her life to anyone

Many South Africans or I may even go to the international scene have convicted Khanyi Mbau as a bitch. First of all we have to look at the definition of the word “bitch” before we convict Mbau as one. A bitch is a malicious, unpleasant and spiteful woman. There are many questions arising when it comes to her lifestyle, of which I don’t see why it should concern anyone… On top of that she has a constitutional right to leave her life whatever hell she wants to as long as it does not contravene anyone’s right…none of your business!
Bling: Whether you like it or not Mbau can't be blamed for your poverty...
 I will also further my discussion to all the girls that have been lashed out and labeled as such that you must not mind…even if someone has slept with you they have no damn right to convict you as a bitch. Everyone is and can be unpleasant…what if we were to call man bitch? Because they very unpleasant, malicious and spiteful. I have been also labeled by some individuals as being bitchy, and only because they lack the skill to grasp and digest my comments to such an extent they regard them as unpleasant. I presume constitutionally that everyone have the right to dignity more importantly freedom of speech…
South African self proclaimed Queen...Miss Mbau
 Now back to Khanyi… Whether you like her or not…you must know that she doesn’t care much about your views…and she also does not defend her lifestyle “I’m comfortable with my skin”…Is it about being bitchy to spend your money on expensive luxurious cars? Then why don’t we convict the Members of Parliament as being bitchy as well? Wake up! Mbau is not using your tax money…she’s simply using what she has earned and surely she’s paying tax as she earn to contribute to the country’s economy. If a bitch is an unpleasant woman, then why don’t we convict Kuli Roberts as one too? Simple because we all know that Kuli doesn’t care!

If we South Africans lack skills to make our own wealth because of affirmative action, how is that Mbau’s problem? The problem here is that we like to blame our empty stomachs on other people… I think we need to grow our minds big…expand our individual skills…find employment that we will be comfortable with…Khanyi is simple comfortable to date rich elderly man…she committed no criminal offence…her money is hers…earn yours too…and spend it likewise…if you are suffering and hungry is not her fault…you have a government to sort you out…STOP IT! STOP IT! She can be “bitchy”, but very honest about her lifestyle too… door broken…I’m out…

Khanyi’s Shopping Tips:
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Know the seasons

    By: Buchule Raba

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