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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dj Andy X: "I'm a 100 percent house music producer"

Sensational Andy X at what he's good at...image: exclusive by Andy
Andile Xolo better known as Dj Andy X will be celebrating his 32nd birthday party tomorrow the 11th “I’m turning 32 this Friday 11 March Yey!!!” at Capitol Lounge (Rosebank) and finishes with energy and enthusiasm at Afro Lounge (Durban) 12thMarch.

Andy X is a house music producer and disc jockey (dj). When I asked him why house music? He said “I fell in love with house music in 1990, there was just something about the beat and the melodies in house that got me hooked instantly.” Talking about being “hooked instantly” surely his music history and development speaks the same tongue. LOL! He just had to tell me that he’s a 100 percent house producer.


He is also a Christian man who sees God as the answer to where he is today, and so much he have archived. Since he seems to be very busy I thought I should ask him if he is a family man at all…and his response was “Yep I am a family man… I got a five (5) year old daughter and I got a boy on the way, so after this one I’m done…LOL.” He clearly separates business and family because during weekdays and free weekends he makes sure that his family gets all his attention…”even if it means switching off the phone I do that, because after the fans and gigs are gone…family is all you have”…wow just the wow effect…LOL Andy! 
He also owns his own record label called Andy X Records based in Johannesburg (ZA). He is influenced by the likes of Rocco, Frank Roger, Abicah Soul, Quintin Harris, Louie Vega, Manoo and last but not least Christos. This gentleman has performed with and alongside the house music legends such as: Dj Fresh, Glen Lewis, Christos, Vinny Da Vinci, Oskido, Fistaz, and indeed the man who surprised many people both at home and internationally playing 60 hours of music with one hand, Black Coffee.
Looks like he's not late to take a chance in modeling...LOL

In 2005 Xolo attended the first Southern African Music Conference (SAMC) which was held in Johannesburg. Being the learner he is, he then felt the passion to produce his own music. Growth took its course and in 2006 and 2007 he played along side MR V, Alex Alvarez etc. SAMC opened the doors for Andile as he went on and produced his own album (The First Movement) where in some of the songs he worked with the legendary Black Coffee and Christos.

Some of us might be aware of the hit ‘Out’ for Shana (Black Coffee, Mnqobi, and Demor) and yes Mr X is the hot thing behind the production of that ‘Out’ hit. To reflect back the hit was nominated for the Metro FM awards for category: best urban dance. It was then later licensed by an International Record label (Tribe Records) which has also massively made it to the top 10 International downloads in two (2) weeks. He also produced what he calls “a killer” track (Another Level) for 2007 song of the year winner in Sdunkero’s album Edladleni Volume two (2).
Last year (2010) he released his second offering (The Spirit of House) and one of the songs in the album was chosen as a theme song for Channel O music awards. He is currently one of the Disc Jockeys that do Bassments mix for Africa and Rsquo’s well known television channel O. He shot a video three (3) weeks back…and it’s going to be premier on Channel O as from today. Sure to look out for his production as he is also working on remixing songs for other artists. He just finished a “Martin East Remix” for House Africa Records.
As for his next big offering, he says: “I got lots of other tracks that I will be working on and dropping another project next year.” Surely it will be a project to look out for… Judging neither from the interview…every growing house disc jockey would love to be produced by him…LOL nor that I wanna be one…Door closed I’m out…

Thanks Andy X
Bookings: Andy X Records


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