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Wednesday, March 9, 2011




The multi faceted and immensely talented, miss Ntsiki Mazwai is gearing up to re-establish, redefine and recapture the spirit of her audience. This time,’ The Ntsiki Mazwai Experiences,’ first performed in December 2010, will be boasting the re-launch of Ntsiki’s beadwork range, HOUSE OF MOBU.

 It’s 2011 and HOUSE OF MOBU is celebrating a decade in beading.

Ntsiki’s range, THE HOUSE OF MOBU, was officially launched in 2002 and enjoyed a fruitful reign in the South African beadwork and fashion industry. Ntsiki’s signature work sold itself and fast became a trend in every soul sistah’s wardrobe.

A multi talented artist, Ntsiki will be showcasing 3 of the talents, South Africa has come to know and love her for; her poetry, her music and her beadwork. 

“I need people to start peeling my layers and getting to really know me. Sometimes people come up to me and say things like “I like your poetry better than your music” or” I like your beadwork better than your poetry.” People need to understand that this is not a competition. There is a synergy between all my talents. They are all designed to balance a different aspect of me,” says Ntsiki. She has often been quoted saying she needs her beads for spiritual grounding; her poetry to express her emotions; and her music is the soundtrack to her life.
Also to be anticipated on the night is Ntsiki’s recent collaboration with house music dj, Nipro, in a project called THE WORD OF HOUSE. This dj and poet duo is gaining fast popularity, in a concept where they fuse Ntsiki’s soulful poetry with dj Nipro’s skilful dance mixes. This unlikely combination can best be described as ghetto soulful and is bringing literature to the dance-floor. WORD OF HOUSE is currently touring the South African club circuit

‘The Ntsiki Mazwai Experience’ promises a night, at the Bassline, that will uplift, inspire and remind you of that Mzansi swag. Coming from an artist known for her creativity, stage suave and powerful words- this show is not to be missed!


The show is R60, on Wednesday, 30 March, 8pm at the Bassline, Newtown

For  more details contact Kutullo Madisha 079 096 8864 or email

‘long live the StreetQueen!’

Press release edited by Buchule Raba for GoXtra

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