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Monday, March 7, 2011

Teargas:It's either Dark or Blue

They emerged in 2005, it was clear on their mission that Teargas (Ntokozo "KO" Mduli, Ezee "Ma-E" Hanabe and Bantu "Ntukza" Hanabe) have come to take over south African Hip Hop Music scene. With their debut album "K'shubile K'bovu" they set a high pace and elevated S.A. Hip Hop. Their follow up album was Wafa Wafa which also had a high rotation on ratio and television collaborating with the likes of Bongo Riot on a pupular single "Champions".

The Latest Offering 
The group did not rest at all forming their own production company Electromode Music, their latest offering is Dark or Blue. This album proves the growth of the group and their endless hardwork form the cover of the album it tells on it's own that the group is driven with a purpose and dedication. 13 tracks with an intro on this album are on a highly quility production in terms of sound arrangengemt, beat selection and wise collaboration with the likes of HHP, DJ Tira, PRO, Danny K, etc.

The Tone of the album

The tone of the album is set by the track "This year", the song states it clear that these guy's mission is to deliver good music and raise the standard of S.A. hip hop. The well and mostly welcomed first single "Party 101" ft Dj Tira drew attention to everyone and dance floor got full when the tune is played. Collaborating with HHP and PRO on the track " Goodfellas" sets the bench mark with a heavy lyrical content.


On the album the group continuosly speak of where they are coming from, they have paid their dues and have earned respect from every hip hop cat. Their hustle has took them to last year's Africa MTV awards sharing the stage with the well known Eve, surely this is the group to look for when we speak of the future of S.A. Hip Hop. From track one to track 13 you will find it hard to skip a song, because each track has got it's own uniqueness.
GoXtra has given this album ****'s rating. It's either Dark or Blue, you choose your own.

By Luthando Matewu

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