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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Rapper Emtee says he's recovering from 'fatigue'

Despite the allegations that the rapper is allegedly on 'drugs',  Emtee, real name Mthembeni Ndevu maintains that he does not have a problem and he's been detoxing since the incident he 'collapsed' on stage in Polokwane in July 2018.

He Felt Confused 

"I felt confused when I woke up from collapsing. In those few seconds I had collapsed I didn't know what happened and no one said anything about it (including his present team members at the time)," he said on Wednesday when he was interviewed by Mo Flava and Masechaba Ndlovu during Metro FM's Drive time.

The 25-year-old rapper emphasized that it was just 'fatigue' and he's been okay through the support of his family.

Support From Family

"I'm happy about the support I get from my parents, girlfriend and in-laws," said Emtee, who also said the incident of his collapsing made the family closer than before.

Open About His Smoking

Emtee also said that he's been open about his smoking and maybe he was not open about 'certain' things that he does.

The Caller

A caller asked the rapper if he had smoked something when he collapsed and he said, "I was sober for three hours when I was on my way to the event."

People's Reactions Almost Depressed Him

Recalling people's reactions about his 'collapse' he said he almost went into depression when he saw how people were making fun of the situation.

The Recovery Journey - No Rehab

In his recovery journey the rapper said that he rests more, cut down on gigs, drinks a lot of water and eats well.

Emtee also stated that he does not attend to any professional help or rehab and that he was unprepared for his overwhelming success.

No Security at the Event

In justifying his 'confusion' he said it was just messy and there were a lot of 'errors' at the event when he got there, including no security personnel at his arrival.

Apparently on his way to the event he was also 'sleeping'.

No Media Training at Ambitiouz Entertainment

In terms of handling the media/press he said that his home record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment does not offer artists any media training.

Beef and Collab with Cassper Nyovest

Emtee said he was 'blank' when it comes to allegations of a 'beef' between himself and Cassper Nyovest, including a future collaboration between himself and Nyovest.

"I feel like he has a lot to say about me and what I go through," said Emtee pointing at Nyovest.

He also shared that his fans should expect DIY2 to drop on September 17.

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