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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

10 Things to take from the Bonang and Phil Twitter Drama

Following the drama episode that took place between South Africa's media darling Bonang Matheba and Blogger, Phil Mphela here are 10 things to take from the whole incident. In the meantime, let's wait until Phil serves us the Sun City tea.

  1. Phil Mphela is an obsessed fan.
  2. They were once close.
  3. They once worked together under Bonang Matheba Entertainment (Subject to verification).
  4. Phil’s Tweets sound(s) rather from someone who’s bitter.
  5. Phil has no reputation.
  6. Phil is not a Journalist but a Blogger – if he was a Journo he would know things he’s told in ‘confidence’.
  7. Bonang Matheba lost it and as a brand (influential) she should have avoided the “f” word.
  8. Whatever happened at Sun City Phil was also involved because they were together as he claims.
  9. The Sun City claim might not see light.
  10.  Bonang Matheba’s use of the world “filth” appears like everyone that doesn’t agree with her on a daily basis is “filth”. Her choice of words was rather awkward as a brand and a role model.
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