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Monday, July 16, 2018

Given Mkhari Confirms the alleged assault!

Following the assault reports at Given Mkhari's home at the weekend Mkhari has confirmed the "unfortunate" incident via his Twitter account.

In a statement issued by Mkhari, he said, "Mrs Ipeleng and Mr Given Mkhari. We confirm that an unfortunate incident happened between us in our home on Saturday, 14 July 2018. We both individually reported the matter to the police. We are now withdrawing each case to resolve the matter in the privacy of our home," reads the statement.

It was earlier reported that Mkhari, who is the chairperson of MSG Afrika, and his wife, who is the CEO and founder of Motseng Investment Holdings and the president-elect of the SA Properties Association, allegedly had a fight in their home on Saturday night.
"He and his wife have withdrawn assault charges against each other. Mkhari said he had gone to press charges at the Randburg Police Station, followed by his spouse. The family have since taken the decision to resolve the matter at home," said a statement on PowerFM's Twitter handle. 
In an interesting twist, according to eNCA, the National Prosecuting Authority has decided to proceed with the Mkhari assault charges in the “interest of justice”.

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