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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Alleged drug use at @Ambitiouz_Ent Stable

Dear Ambitiouz Entertainment,

I compose this in jolt and disbelief of what you have made of Mthembeni “Emtee” Ndevu.

As a record label, I personally feel that you have dismally failed to nurture the young entertainer; in actual fact you’ve been completely aware of  speculations that the rap sensation Emtee is on drugs, together with allegations of his addiction and overdose of lean.

Here's what I am going to pinpoint to you: 

For starters, Emtee sharing his private part on Social Media has actually demonstrated how stereotypical can people be, especially when it comes to issues pertaining to culture and tradition. To individuals that take the tradition of initiation to heart, he’ll forever carry this backlash.

The question we should really be asking is: Does Emtee need some urgent help? Seeing that wildly speculated rumor of him using drugs is proving to be factual. You should ask yourselves, is this issue to be taken to the laughing headquarters or a serious matter that his management needs to give attention to?

After his Live Instagram post went viral, I took it upon myself to speak to two artists that are close to the young man and what they uttered was alarming putting pieces of the alleged drug use at your stable into the puzzle. Should any of this be true; then we should ask: under whose watch? What lies ahead when it comes to the future of these young musicians?

No one in their right mind will willingly share their private parts on social media unless leaked or if some form of payment is arranged. Unless Emtee is branching into the Porn Industry, then I will gracefully sit down and correct myself on this later.

I challenge your stable to come clean and tell us what is really going on with Emtee. This is the tip of the ice berg and a lot is going to be revealed as soon as you guys let this go without coming clean about Emtee's state of mind or rather the alleged drug use.

I am pleading with you, as a good member in standing in the media, to please help Emtee. I'm humbly asking you to urgently intervene - I am asking you not to allow such good talent to be taken by the claptrap truck. Please do something urgently!

It pains my heart to see such things happening and not only to artists but everyone.

Zora Neale Hurston once said,”If you are silent about your pain, they'll kill you and say you enjoyed it." Therefore what is happening with Emtee should be a pain of every South African. I for one didn't enjoy it and thus I decided to wake up at 3:38AM and pen this brief eye-opener to you.

In my conclusion, judging by Emtee's previous posts, I will conclude and say your stable needs serious intervention when it comes to reputation management - be it online or offline.

Buchule Raba
Journalist | Broadcaster | Content Curator | Online Publisher | Founding Editor of GoXtra News | e:

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