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Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Indie Book Fair is coming to Johannesburg!

On the 20 and 21st of March, the Indie Book Fair will be at the Sunnyside Park Hotel in Johannesburg to celebrate books, writers and independent publishing.
There's a revolution going on in publishing. Commercial publishers in South Africa are reluctant to take risks on new authors and new subjects. Vanity publishers are making a killing. But that won't last forever. There's a lot of space opening up between these two poles, and it's in this widening terrain that the independent publishing revolution is taking place.

What actually is independent publishing? Primarily, it's about the democratisation of literary output. New financial models coupled with new technologies have produced a new surge in writing and publishing. Minority voices are increasingly being heard and the time seems ripe for the emergence of powerful new provincial literature(s).
The Indie Book Fair is a celebration of independent writing, publishing and distribution. The organizers are a not-for-profit organisation AFNA (African Narratives) committed to the development of a vigorous grassroots literature in South Africa. AFNA sees the versatility and small-scale nature of independent publishing as the natural medium to stimulate the production of high quality books through which South Africans will be encouraged to write and read about their specific realities.
Join the Indie celebration

The book fair will be open to all Independent small and indigenous publishers, self-publishers, writers, book distributors, libraries, schools, independent bookshops, reading clubs, community development agencies, local authorities, and the general public.
There'll be books galore and a display of services from the nuts and bolts of book production to the miracles of digital publishing. There'll be provocative talks by key players in and around the world of books. There'll be panel discussions. There'll be ample opportunity to meet new people at a special opening breakfast and a special closing cocktail party. There'll be plenty of facilities for eating and drinking. And there'll be secluded garden benches for those confidential chats. It's all part of the unique new wave.
The Cost

The cost of tickets at the door is R10 per person, Children under 12 years enter for free. For exhibitors, the cost of a 2 X 2.5 metres stand is R1000 for the full two days of the fair. This includes attendance for one at the opening breakfast (8am, Friday the 20th of March) and one at the cocktail party (6pm Saturday, 21st March). Additional tickets for breakfast and the cocktail party available on first come first served basis at R100 for each event. Stands can be shared with other exhibitors on the basis of shared costs and divided benefits. Maximum of 5 participants allowed per stand. If you interested in an exhibition stand, please contact to receive a booking form.  

For more information, contact Clare-Rose Julius on 011-7914561 or David Robbins on 011-7929951.
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Friday, 20th March:

0800:  Opening breakfast for exhibitors and participants. Welcome by Gail Robbins (ANFA chairperson)
0900:  Doors open
1030:  Talk: Literature and social development. David Harrison, CEO DG Murray Trust
11.15:  Break
1130:  Panel discussion: Independent publishing and grassroots literature 
1400: Official launch of African Narratives 
1500: Talk: The small personal voice returns Shafinaaz Hassim (Author and independent publisher)
1545:  Break
1600:  Panel discussion: Women in independent publishing
1730:  Doors close
SATURDAY: 21st March

0900:  Doors open
1030:  Talk: Local literature and education. Zenele Mthembu (Chief Director in Gauteng Education)
1115:  Break
1130:  Panel discussion: Recognition for independent writing and publishing
1400: Keynote speaker
1500: Talk: The struggle for quality. Richard Beynon (Writer and 'AllAboutWriting')
1545:  Break
1600:  Panel discussion: Digital publishing for independent authors
1730: Doors close
1800: Cocktail party and launch of David Robbins' book 'Outreach'
2000: Event ends

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